Top 10 websites for buying CryptoCurrency

buy Cryptocurrency 2018

Top 10 websites for buying CryptoCurrency

Cryptocurrencies are gaining more popularity and a wider acceptance across the world. Apart from online shopping the people are also investing actively in this digital currency coin market with a view to earn the profits as their value increases in the future. However, for a safe and streamlined trading you need to register yourself with the online cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy, transact and trade. Apart from that, you can also invest in the upcoming promising ICO through these exchanges to be a part of the growing number of the traders who have been earning decent profits by wisely investing in this new form of the currency.

Here is a short description of cryptocurrency, ICO, and the top 10 exchanges:

What is Cryptocurrency?

A Cryptocurrency can be defined as a virtual/digital form of currency that is developed as a primary medium for carrying out various transactions and can be bought, exchanged or traded digitally. An advanced form of cryptography is used to secure the entire series of transactions and verifying the same. The creation process of new cryptocurrency units is also based on cryptography. It is especially architected to be decentralized and hence eliminates the limitations and risks associated with having a central controlling authority governing the currency.

What is an ICO?

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is the trading where investors are offered several units of any new type of cryptocurrency or a crypto token against the existing/popular cryptocurrencies like Etehrum/Bitcoin. ICOs are generally used as a strong medium to collect the funds required during the initial development phase of the new types of cryptocurrencies. Depending upon various parameters are a number of promising ICOs to invest in 2018 like Cypherium, Kyber Network, Omega One,  NAU and ENigma ICO.


This site allows you to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherum. It is mandatory to prove your identity on Coinbase and you can start by entering your names, email, and the desired password. The website is easy to use, allows you to by using Bank wire or credit card. You can also invest in ICO to enjoy early bird benefits.


Binanace is another site that is apt for those who are looking for an advanced site to buy and sell cryptocurrency coins. The site allows you to trade in popular options like Bitcoin/Etehreum to Binance and then trade them for a number of other options. It also facilitates the buying of Altcoins. The link Exchange on the top left allows you to choose from the 2 options basic and advanced.


If you are looking for a website that allows you to transact a huge variety of cryptocurrencies and is easy to use then Bittrex is the right choice for you. The exchange is a no-brainer even for the beginners. The option Bittrex located in the top pane in the left corners allows you to use the different types of market and also start trading a number of digital coins. offers you really wide choice with 100+ cryptocurrency coins. However, most of them can be traded with the tether. After registering you need to click on the wallets option at the top of the age to start the deposit or withdrawal process.


If you are looking for cryptocurrency exchange with a huge number of users then you can go to Bitfinex. It has attracted a really large number of loyal clients that proves the authenticity of the exchange. Here you can use the dollars to buy Bitcoins and at the same time, you may also trade other types of cryptocurrency coins too.

If you are specifically looking for UK based exchange then is the ideal option for you. You can use British pounds, USD, Euros or Russian Ruble to buy a number of cryptocurrencies coins including Zcash, Bitcoin, Das, and Etehreum. Apart from cryptocurrencies deposit the exchange also offers you the option of bank transfer and payment cards.


This New Zealand based Cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to get an access the newly introduced cryptocurrencies that are still not popular and are really cheap. Many of these cryptocurrencies have a good potential to get popular in the future that would boost up their value and allows you to enjoy a really good benefit.


If you want a direct being/selling of digital currency coins to the other investors then you can join the Localbicoins. It helps you to buy/sell the bitcoins via bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or over the internet. However, if the person is living in your own town then you can even complete the transaction in real cash. This particular feature makes this exchange unique among the other options in this list.

If you wish to buy the Altcoins from European exchange then is one of the best options. It allows you to trade in a number of different cryptocurrencies depending upon your choice e and preference. Thus you get a wider menu to choose forms. The exchange also allows you to search for the ideal ICO using sophisticated tools and buy them using the easy process. The site also has an FAQ section on ICO buying that will help you understand the different concepts.


Latest Cryptocurrencies and newest digital currency coins always attracted the people as many of them can be promising and have a huge potential to grow in the future. If you are also looking for trading in the latest cryptocurrencies and ICOs then you can go to the However, the list extends beyond just the latest cryptocurrencies. Apart from the most recent names in the cryptocurrency market, you will also get a number of popular and reputed cryptocurrencies to choose from.


In order to earn a decent profit in the growing market of cryptocurrencies, you would need a reliable assistance the form of a secured exchange as well as the various tools that would help you to take the right decisions based on multiple parameters and an in-depth evaluation of any currency. This list provides top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges across the world that help you to buy and trade the reputed and new cryptocurrencies as well as offering you the required tools to invest wisely in the upcoming ICOs.

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