4 SEO tips to rank high in 2018

4 SEO tips to rank high in 2018

In order to rank high on search engine results you need to keep in mind some of the specific SEO strategise or search engine optimization helps you to fine-tune your website to align with best strategies that can helpful gain a god ranking in search engine result. Right from content to design, structure and accessibility everything matters when we talk about SEO. Here are a few specific SEO strategies that can help you to gain a cutting edge over your competitors:


Your URL plays a good role in determining your search engine ranking and can be an active player in your overall SEO efforts. Choosing a URL that consists of numerical figures, jumbled letters or irrelevant keywords can have some negative effect on the rankings as well as user experience.

  • So, it is a good idea to choose the URL that naturally consists of the relevant keyword and doesn’t sound unnatural (numbers, jumbled letters wrong spellings etc.)
  • The search engine ranking of your website can be negatively affected by the URLs that are not SEO friendly. There are some URLs that don’t contain any targeted keyword but even a bigger harm is done by those URLs that contain irrelevant numerical figures and the letters jumbled in a sensitive order. Wrong spellings are another major factor that can affect your page rankings.


Many website owners, especially the ones looking for quick fix content solution or those who demand content o unreasonable low prices often end up getting the content that is full of grammatical and factual errors. At times they may get the content that is completely different from their business profile. Offering the right information and best user experience is the main motto of Google and content plays a major role here. So, you should pay a great deal of attention while preparing the content for your website.

  • Hire the professional writers who have a proven track record of writing website content. A writer might be good at creative writing and excel at blog writing but that doesn’t mean that he must be possessing excellent website content skills. So always make sure to hire the writers with a good experience in writing content for WebPages and have worked with several reputed clients. Moreover, you should actually go through their work to understand their capability.
  • Remember, your content writer is your digital brand ambassador and you must be very specific while choosing the one. Another thing, never expect premium services at cheap prices. The prices correspond to the service quality and you have to pay reasonably decent price get premium content.
  • Features like proper formatting; proper positioning of keywords and use of helpful media further strengthens your possibilities f enjoying a prime position. Also avoid stuffing the keywords unnecessarily as that would do more harm than good. It I generally estimated that the keyword should not consume more than 1% of the total content value.

Internal Linking

Internal linking helps in several ways. You can be writing a blog that has some sub-sections on which you have written earlier. With the help of interlinking you can take your audience the related posts and make you understand your present blog in a better way. Likewise, if you are selling some product mentioned in your posts then you can interlink the post to the product page to further increase his conversion opportunities.

  • Interlinking can also increase the time an average viewer spend on you website. If you blog contains interlinks to other blogs or media on your website it invite serious user to read more blogs, watch helpful videos or go though the info graphs.
  • It not only saves the audience from monotony but also offers them the multiple options to choose the content type they prefer the most. Of course, it eventually increases the stay period of the visitor and help them to understand your site better.


Designing also plays a vital role in determining eh making of through site so designing soul actually is a mutual venture of you designer as well as SEO expert.

You might wan to look unique and impress you clients with elaborate designs but Google love minimalist approach. In fact if you look at the main site of Google it is one of the simplest most straightforward design without any complications extra baggage or diversions.

  • So avoid any complicated structure and go for the simple design. Use the right colours, legible fonts, properly segregated menus and well placed elements.
  • For instance you can use red colours to highlight the latest sales, upcoming products or an important notifications while green is the colour associated with “Go” and thus it should be used for affirmative buttons, or relaying any positive information.
  • Eye positioning is another thing to consider while placing the design elements. The most current information, discount and offers can be placed on the top right that easily attracts the eyes while the general information lie contact details etc. can be placed at the footer. Likewise the menu should have right amount of items but try not to overstuff them. It is a good idea to reasonably reduce ether items/options of your menu list.


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