The Role Of Digital Marketer Within An Organization

The Role Of Digital Marketer Within An Organization

In today’s internet era, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to organizations. In essence, digital marketing is promoting a brand or product via electronic media. Just think of how many people do their shopping, browsing and research online. The only way to attract those users is via a good online media marketing plan.

So what is the role of a digital marketer in an organization? Their goal is to manage the entire process of promotion in the electronic media forum. That means everything from Facebook to blogs and Instagram to Vimeo. It allows companies to reach their customers and then anticipate, create and support consistent customer experience. Here is a list of 5 things that encompass the role of a digital marketer in an organization.

1)  A digital marketer creates the overall customer experience. Their job is to map out every touch point the customer is going to go through during the sale experience. Defining each element of the process—from initial engagement to after-purchase management—allows the digital marketer to find, and correct, gaps. The gaps are smoothed over using processes, the right keywords and technologies for improvement.

2)   A digital marketer’s job is to understand customers. By doing their research, the digital marketer has his or her finger on the pulse of the customer. Tracking, interpreting and analyzing customer attitude and behavior is how they shape experiences to optimize how they are presented to customers. Data is tracked via specific segments of the customer base and predict future actions. The digital marketer knows how visitors to a website will perform.

3)  A digital marketer also picks the right marketing tools to use. He or she knows the processes and technologies available and what fits best within the organization. They have to be able to build strategies that make the most of tools used and even suggest what to use. Even if one software is the most “cutting edge”, moving to it may be an issue of compatibility rather than preference. A digital marketer is aware of what has to be done to ideally move to the latest and greatest models.

4)  A digital marketer is in close ties with every department within an organization. Remember that he or she builds the optimal customer experience and that means all touch points. One may be in the sales department hand. The next may be in a sales representatives hands. The next may be in invoicing and billing’s hands. The next, shipping and the final customer service. The digital marketer knows where the customer is in the line of service and where to go to find the crux of the issue.

5)   A digital marketer also know best present for trade shows. Because of all the marketing and research he or she has done, they know what to use to create trade show/in-person meetings with potential customers.

In the end, the digital marketer’s job within an organization is one of study and research. The marketer needs to know the actions of a customer based on their former habits. By using different electronic tools at their disposal, the digital marketer strategizes the optimal customer experience from beginning to end. To the chagrin of other departments, the digital marketer proudly and efficiently runs the whole show.

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