Top 20 Digital Marketing Companies in India 2017

top digital marketing companies

Top 20 Digital Marketing Companies in India 2017

Around 13 years ago when the most reputed social media brand Facebook was launched in 2004, nobody had thought that one-day digital marketing and social media strategies would play a decisive role in allowing them to gain a distinct online reputation. Fast forward to 2017 and we see a different scene altogether: it is impossible for any business to achieve online success without investing in digital marketing strategies. It has given birth to innovative new-age companies. Right from conceptualizing and managing campaigns till identifying the latest digital trends and designing social media strategy- these companies have helped many businesses to grow exponentially by taking advantage of SEO, SEM, social media strategies. But while the social campaigns of various brands stand out, the names and brains behind them are not widely known outside the industry. So, we decided to “raid the digital marketing industry and scour some of the most influential digital marketing companies of India. And these are the names we found out:

Softz Solutions

In the field of digital marketing, every day marks a new phase of evolution. So experience matter a lot. And Softz solutions have tons of experience in the field: both quantitatively and qualitatively. Interestingly the company started when facebook was unheard of (simply because it didn’t exist then- in 2002!) So the company had that added advantage of being here done that. Besides, the company has panache towards excellence. Right from conceptualizing till completion, the company maintains a flow of quality and finesse. The global experience of successfully handling projects of premium, clients with high demands has further added to its versatility. It has created 700+ websites with a surprising 90% success rate. Besides, the company enjoys global partnerships with biggest names in digital arenas from countries like US Australia and UK. It is a SEMPO member and is approved by STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) and recognized by Ministry of Communication & Information Technology of the government of India.

Geek Creative Agency

This Bangalore based digital marketing agency is counted as one of the most innovative and promising name in digital media. The company employs 360 degree approach towards branding and closely works with clients to know about the client’s present position in online digital arena and his objectives. After identifying prevailing digital trends in the industry, the company designs a full-fledged digital route map to achieve the client’s objectives. Its strength lies in the proper homework that allows it to prepare a foolproof strategic plan to obtain digital excellence.


Tinkering is an art that is not as easy as it might seem to be. Techshu, for sure has been able to excel at the art. Instead of just following the latest trends, the company strives to identify the future potential of digital arena and constantly fine-tunes its clients’ projects to ensure that they should continue to enjoy the respectful position even if the present social media experiences a revolutionary change. This long term thinking has earned it some of the most reputed brands. For the same reason, most of its clientele include the regular customers. Relying on their knowledge and excellence the digital companies of UK, USA and Australia has appointed techshu as their consultant.


SEOInfinity is a digital marketing company that researches the behavioral patterns of your targeted audience and aligns their strategy with the same in and a way that your brand should leave a long lasting impact on the minds of your targeted audience. It also ensures your strong presence on most important platforms that are relevant your industry.

The company is lead by some of the brightest minds who possess a keen knowledge of digital strategy like SEO, PPC, SMM, Email Marketing etc… They apply an innovative evolutionary approach towards your social marketing strategy that is flexible enough to be reshaped according to the requirements of your potential audience. The entire strategy is designed to offer you a strong branding across various relevant avenues. The companies keeps its update with the latest developments in digital marketing and perfectly balance the long term and short term goals by adopting separate strategies of each.

Shoot Order

This Hyderabad-based digital marketing company is majorly focused at offering the best results without inflating client’s budget. Comprising of seasoned multitalented professionals the company is not only acquainted with the latest technology but also excels at applying the same in an ideal manner to achieve the objectives f the clients at an affordable budget. It deftly blends SEO & SEM and branding to complement each other. It has worked with versatile clients: right from a local vendor to prominent brands with global reach.

Alive Now

This tech-oriented company believes in appropriately blending technology aid and human creativity in order to elevate the ranking of their clients as well as refreshing their appeal. Looking at the common processes with a fresh appeal allows the company to offer some innovative ideas to the client. Its amazing quality to offer digital solutions to different budget groups without compromising on the results has earned her a distinct reputation in the industry. The company has partnered h come leading names in East Asia, UK and USA. Its global exposure has further broadened it appeal.It also holds an experience of working with 200+ brands.

Windchime communications

The importance of tandem working in field of digital excellence can simply be not underestimated. In fact the search engines have their own algorithms and other automated ways of data analysis decides the fine ranking of r page. Right from content and Meta tags to design and site structure, each factor contributes in deciding r ranking. So this company has an entire in-house team to ensure that you should get a complete bucket of professional services aimed at enhancing your overall seo ranking

Social Media India

Social Media India concentrates on the core principle of digital media: establish communication with your audience. So, instead of directly embarking on any dreamy objective or ambition, the company first ensures that you holder able to maintain a meaningful and ongoing communication with your audience. SO, right from content to design development and even site structure, everything is first fine-tuned to attract the audience and start with them. It helps in winning loyal audience that improves the conversion rate.

Interactive Avenues

As the names suggest the company offers various interactive solutions to ensure that you would expense a multifaceted growth. Apart from social and mobile, the company also offers creative media solutions, ORM and analytics. It first analyzes your objectives and then selects the best platform and technique for allowing you t achieves the objective in the estimated period of time.


The company believes in the policy of fair practices. Instead of offering the fast come fast go results for impressing clients the company invests its resources in long term goals. So it actually makes a strategy that is focused on making a stronghold in the market. After that the strategic steps are designed to attract the audience. It allows you to enjoy a market penetration that no other competitor ca claims easily.

Sweet Digital

The sweet digital believe in the power of positive marketing. The seasoned professionals have bee in the field for a long time now. So they design a well woven approach towards reaching your goals The Company offer you a great ROI and takes the advantage of knowledge and expertise to choose only the best platforms that aligns with the industry, budget and objective of the client.


straightnorth is a popular name not only on India but also on the global level. The company has a huge team of professionals simultaneously working in different departments towards the same goal. Its strength lies in constant communication with the client that helps them to know about the client’s concern well ahead of time. Besides the also actively seek the feedbacks and work on them in order t o improve themselves. Instead of following a colossal approach the company divides the [process into small steps and then keep on keep on improving each single step to ensure a deep-rooted success

Tempest advertising

This INA accredited agency uses a variety of media channels for advertisement of their clients. It not only keeps itself update but also applies the latest updates for ensuring the best benefits of its clients. Meaningful innovation is at ate heart f every ting the company dies. The clients interest matter the most and major is of company is to blend different resources for achievement of their clients objective.

Blue digital

Blue digital is a reputed digital marketing agency recognizes the needs of their clients, analyze their requirement align with the latest trends and finally comes up with the best practical strategy towards several achievable milestones.


The company is one of the most respected digital agencies that amalgamate the latest trends and least explored avenues. Using latest social media trends they ensure that the clients should get the visible in the digital sociosphere and by identifying and working on working on less explored avenues the company ensures that client should always have a distinct position that is not threatened by the competitions.


Istrat is another big name in digital marketing that offers a huge variety of services. Apart from Social media marketing companies offers touch screen solutions, digital films, and relationship marketing. Clearly, the company has an objective of making emotional relation with the audience that would win confirmed loyalty to the client.

Reprise media

Reprise media recognizes awareness as the best strategy tool to form a distinct reputation in online arena. They work on foundation level to establish you as a Briand and then create the awareness using most interactive techniques.

Ignitee Digital Services Pvt Ltd

This fortune 500 company employs latest technology to design result-oriented digital strategy. Lead by enthusiastic team of passionate experts the company’s ability of multitasking, respect timelines and more importantly blending creativity and logic has made it stand out of the crowd. It a fortune 500 brands, the company has successfully elevated some local commercials to a worldwide brand name.


SParrowi lays key emphasis on offering you coordinated solutions. The company’s professional actually have a brain storming session o various projects and this are decided the all-inclusive solutions packages that aims at naturally inviting the success and retaining it for lo.



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