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digital marketers

Top & Best 20 Digital Marketing Experts in India 2018

Digital Marketing Institute presents the short and sweet definition of Digital Marketing- using the digital channels for promoting or marketing various products and services to targeted groups of consumers and business entities. Now if any of you have a bit experience of using digital marketing for achieving well defined objectives, you would certainly know that how difficult it is. Digital marketing is a blend of creativity, science, logic, statistics and reasoning. Your success in this field depends upon your ability to properly combine all these elements and using them in the appropriate manner- better said than done. But this is how some of the big names in digital marketing arena of India are doing. Working with most distinct national and international brand, they conceptualize, design, implement and monitor the social media marketing strategies, helping their clients to achieve short term and long term objectives. So, we decided to prepare a comprehensive list of 20 Indian digital marketers with distinct reputation and their modus operandi. Let’s take a look:

Sorav Jain

Sourav forayed into the field of social media even before completing 20 years. He doubled as SEO executive cum content writer and worked on a variety of freelance projects. But unlike many of his peers, he had very ambitious aspirations. Investing in research, close adherence to ethics and long term goals helped him in achieving enviable heights. His discerning lectures on digital marketing at reputed places like NASSCOM and IIM, LIBA have been equally applauded by aspirants and seasoned professionals. He has conducted more than 100 successful workshops, offered intensive social media training to more than 3500 professionals. He offers insightful marketing training and consultancy, personal branding and apps development.

He organized the first-of-its-kind social media summit attended by distinct personalities of national and international digital marketing scenario. He is also the author of Social Media For Business a reliable, no-nonsense guide on brand power and digital media skills.

Prateek Shah

Prateek Shah is an influential digital marketer whose latest ambitious project “Digital Defynd” has gained a huge applause among the digital marketing industry as a common platform for sharing, interacting and disseminating well-researched digital marketing ideas. Working closely with Internet giant Google India as a partner trainer has allowed him to add versatility and cutting edge to his digital marketing knowledge.

He applies holistic approach towards all-inclusive, sustainable and ethically sound digital marketing strategies. His company Green Smyles offer video production services and digital media training. Apart from that it also offers happiness workshops that have benefitted many individuals and reputed companies to enhance their performance.

He is a lead trainer at Digital Vidya and AIMA (All India Management Association and has held Marketing Workshops for SBI, NTPC, CNN-IBN, Hindustan Times and more.

Kunal Choudhary

Kunal has an advantage of marketing background that has allowed him to wisely blend the marketing basic with upcoming trends of digital media His focus based lean approach with no frills has not only earned him a confirmed loyalty of a huge number of reputed brands like Snap deal, Myntra, and Times deal but a quite enviable position too.

He has delivered More than 7.5 Lakh leads delivered till date and boasts of an impressive ROI.

Aditya Gupta

With his ambitious venture Social Samosa with Ankita Gaba, Ankit aimed at offering the social media knowledge to the end users in well formulated comprehensible languages that focused on simplicity rather than so-called overtly professional appeal the generally repels the common readers.

Because of its innovative approach and simple presentation the company soon reached the heights of popularity and finally was brought by investors for an estimated price of 2-3 crore.

In 2009 he founded another digital marketing company Igenero that aims at offering exclusive branding, digital marketing services, and social media engagement campaigns to some of the most reputed clients. His deep understanding of digital marketing field and an innate ability to recognize the pattern and use them optimally for best ROI has offered him a distinct reputation in the field of digital marketing arenas

Prasant Naidu

The amateur writer couple Prasant and Vinaya started a blog on Indian social Mei Industry with the aim of positively disrupting the age-old beliefs regarding implementations of digital media marketing strategies. They had experienced the benefits of implementing the innovative approach in the field and now wanted to encourage the others for the same by busting the social media superstitions! Though the blog started in 2010 it took around 2 years for the couple to publish regular write-ups on most pertinent issues.

The blog was featured at one of the most distinct platforms Shareaholic in 2011 and Social Media Examiner listed their blog among Top Social Media Blogs in 2013. Their blogs majorly relies on practical approach, do it yourself appeal and one on one interviews with digital media experts. Research-intensive studies and pragmatic social marketing tips also allow them a distinct reputation.

Pradeep Chopra

This Bright IIT-ian joined a good position in corporate sector after completing his education. But he soon got disenchanted with the mundane, predictive nature of corporate jobs. So, he quit the job to fuel his ambitious plan of revolutionizing Digital Media way back in 2000- even before the term formally gained popularity in India.

By applying IIT acumen to the digital media strategies he was able to carve a distinct niche for himself. The word of the mouth publicity helped him connecting with some of the most distinguished brands. A keen supporter of practical training in the field of digital marketing, he started his venture Digital Vidya in 2009 that aims at offering intensive digital media training to the individuals and companies alike.

He has conducted result-oriented social media training to 1500+ professionals that include some of the most distinct names and has delivered Influential speech at Nasscom India Leadership Forum. He has published insightful articles in various Magazines including Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Inc.


Ganeshkiran has got the authoritative knowledge of various digital media platforms like SEO, PPC, SMM, web analytics, and different forms of core advertising allows him to design the complete lifecycle of clients’ SEO/SEM strategies, right from infancy till maturity. Each single phase of growth is well-rooted and nurtured to ensure the enduring benefits that will live on for long. His meticulous keyword planning, adwords Strategies, lead generation method and updated knowledge of digital marketing metrics help him to offer the durable results. One of the unique qualities of Ganeshkiran is his statistical ability and mathematical acumen that helps him in successfully shortening the unnecessary long-winding path of Digital marketing strategies.

Visual thinking, quick digital marketing plan, and constant evolution are some of his traits that make him one of the most required names in the field of digital marketing.

Alok Kejriwal

Alok Kejriwal is famous for his versatile approach that is aimed at trends but still has a strong foundation that acts as a base for his varying digital strategies. Equally invested in short and long term goals, he may not be the most economical digital marketer but is certainly the one who respects the client’s money and ensures that they should get the value for each penny spent on the social media strategies. His modus operandi is to ensure the constant relevance of the digital strategies he is following and embrace the positive change but only after analyzing its effects.

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora is a seasoned social media expert who relies on influencing daily lives of targeted consumers through social media.  He meticulously marries quality and quantity of social media engagement sessions in order to help his clients achieve their objectives.

Gurbaksh SIngh

Gurbaksh believes in uncomplicating things and all his social media efforts are directed on simple solutions with a keen focus on intensity. He may not be your “I-will-reinvent-wheel” social media guy but the results that his simple, focused and honest efforts bring in cannot be matched by the “fancy stunts” of ostensibly new age media houses. Intent and execution is of paramount importance for him

He also enjoys a deep penetration in optimizing Apps for meeting the focused objectives of clients and further wants to explore the untapped potential of mobile in the field of social media. Looking at his inclination next in the queue might be wearable’s and it would be interesting to see how he uses that for commercial objectives of clients.

Jitendra Vaswani

When Jitendra Vaswani started a blog on digital marketing in 2013 he just wanted to share his focused digital marketing knowledge with SMEs and individuals who were then (and till now) largely depended upon hit and try appeal in their social media strategies. Good work and jargon-free articles designed got him noticed, applauded and appreciated.

His forte lies in deeply analyzing and cleverly applying current digital marketing trends for optimal results as well as identifying and working towards upcoming trends and thus eliminating the risks of competition.

Jainendra Singh

By successfully blending creativity and logic brain for result oriented digital marketing strategies, Jainendra Singh has allowed his clients to meet the immense success in the online arena. His research-based, logic-supported and pragmatic approach comes with a readymade benefit of diverse experience that allows him to instantly shred away the unnecessary resource expenditure. It also offers him to keep the budget reasonably affordable.

He is a certified Google Adwords trainer. His venture Digital Love enjoys an unchallenged position in the competitive field of digital marketing His innate creativity has also allowed him to emerge as one of the most out of the box web designer of India.

Arnab Mitra

Arnab Mitra holds an impressive decade plus experience in digital strategy market and has seen the different phases and patterns of social media and their impact on the branding strategies. It has helped him gain a keen knowledge of the field and exercise a pragmatic approach focused on dual objectives of ensuring best ROI for clients as well as gaining long-term benefits.

Deep Sherchan

Deep Sherchan is a result oriented social media expert who deftly uses conventional marketing knowledge,  basic data visualization skills and reasonably understanding dynamics of reputed social media names like facebook, twitter, and Instagram. One of his most unique qualities is to perfectly blend social media knowledge and logical acumen to work out the best equation for most rewarding results. His passion for mathematics, statistics, and programming languages helps him to predict the upcoming trend in social media with a quite impressive rate of accuracy.

Saurabh Parmar

Saurabh Parmar is one of the most reliable names in the field of social media strategies. He despises a series of unnecessary processes that delays the results of social media strategy. His command over logical insights and a natural ability to keep on modifying the marketing approach for optimum results help him in offering his clients a cutting edge in the field of social media reputation. He also helps his clients to select the most cost-effective medium for their social media needs that would align with the industry and budget.

Mahesh Murthy

Mahesh Murthy is a seasoned social media expert who relies on influencing daily lives of targeted consumers through social media.  He meticulously marries quality and quantity of social media engagement sessions in order to help his clients achieve their objectives. His uniqueness lies in working with a few selective brands rather than keep on adding the numbers.

Gautamm Mehra

Gautamm Mehra is a seasoned name in the field of digital marketing arena that is focused on offering cost-effective digital solutions for the clients? With a holistic ambition of helping SMEs take the best advantage of social media platforms, he specializes in offering scalable solutions to the clients that are within their budget and align with their objectives. He can well be called a filtering expert who will filter the social strategies and cut the “fat” till he reaches the main essence, the core objective of the clients.

Ashok Lalla

Ashok Lalla believes in the power of automated tools and technologies for collecting, segregating and analyzing the data in the initial stage. After that, he invests adequate attention towards aligning the relevant data with the client’s objectives. The third stage is of performance and here the innovativeness reigns. Using best of his skills and experience he shapes the social strategies of the client in such a way that they start rewarding within a reasonable period of time.

Malhar Balai

Malhar Balai takes benefit of the power of fragmenting. Instead of working towards colossal goals he first divides the goals into small achievable milestones to ensure the keen focus on individual aspects that are more practical and much easier to achieve. Working constantly and diligently he then keeps on monitoring the constant progress and shaping the digital strategy in the most concrete format. Results might take some time to appear but they are long lived and it explains the reason why some of the most reputed brands are his regular clients.

Netra Parikh

Netra Parikhs’s revolutionary approach, tentative steps, and logical reasoning allow her to design some of the most rewarding social strategies that are aimed at deep penetration in the market. She not only believes in reaching the potential targets but also managing and retaining them. A keen admirer of logical reasoning, she ensures that each penny of the client’s money is invested towards most promising strategies.

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