The Best PlayStation 4 games of 2018

The Best PlayStation 4 games of 2018

Whether it is the presentations style interactive, real-life features the pS4 games have successfully left a deep impression on the gamers that have won them a number of dedicated and a large base. If you are also a PS4 game aficionado and would like to know what is the latest trends in the field of PS4games then here is the honest review of Top PS4 games to look for in 2018:

Dragon Ball FighterZ

It is the best Playstation games 2018 has to offer you. The 2D environment of Dragon Ball Fighter offers a new, more interactive appeal to the game that would be loved by the game enthusiasts who love being completely absorbed in the game they are playing. The characters’ charisma and their unique, agile action stances while trying to evade the enemy’s attacks leave an indelible impact on the players. The detailed depth of different attacks and movements take entertainment to the next level.

Many of the signature moments of dragon Bal Z have successfully crafted after suitably customizing them to align with the game mode instead of just replicating the same. The evolving story mode adds a certain level of thrill and suspense that further takes the game appealing. While the present mode is really enthralling the evolution of subsequent phases in the story line are expected to bring more entertainment and some really exciting moments for the players.

God Of War

The God of War series is another series occupying a premium spot in the best play station games. Its latest version will be a welcome retreat from its previous versions. It now offers a complete new set of features comprise 360 degree shift in the player experience. Right from the in-depth narrative delivered in sober tone till the advanced age of its protagonist most of the key features have been changed to the core and changes are presented in the most eloquent manner. Of course, the major change will be noticed in the combat techniques and stances that would add a dynamic character to the fight scenes.

While Katos was leading peaceful life in the world that had Norse Gods as its rulers the future had a set of surprises for him. When Kratos roe in destruction of Olympus was revealed on the norse gods they started conspiracy to get kill him. Life once again became an adventure-filled journey with lots of zigs and zags for kratos who now have an added challenged of advancing age as well as the additional responsibility of safeguarding his son Atreus.

If the trailers of God of War shown so far are taken as a basis if the entire game it can certainly be believed that God of War’s 2018 version would be a great experience for the seasoned players as well as the basic players.

Kingdom Hearts III

There are a host of reasons to fall in love with the latest season of Kingdom hearts III that holds the top position among serious PS4 game players. The first and foremost among them is the fact that game kept its hardcore fans waiting for more than a decade, 13 years to be precise – before introducing the sequel to Kingdom Hearts II. Besides the patience has been suitably rewarded by offering the first time ever Xbox experience to the fans of Kingdom hearts. Its latest Pixar-movie trailer has already started building p the excitement among the gamers. It s clearly the best achievement that brings company to the list of best play station games of 2018.

Patience has its own benefits. The biggest benefits for the gamers in this case is the number of turns, characters, plots and incidence the series during this vas stretch of time. All these elements, situations and characters are added to the latest game to offer the maximum excitement to the avid players. You would certainly love the new, powerful series loaded with a number of pleasant surprises to enrich your user experience. The new powers to the old characters along with the introduction of characters dynamic personality is the real asset that will award the keen players with premium experience. The best part where is the climax scenes where the set of surprises await the players and it sufficed to say that those are the USP of the new series.

Metal Gear Survive

The future of Metal Gear Survive after the creator Hideo Kojima left the game series was shrouded by questions. In fact many of the fans were apprehensive of the “unpleasantly altered character/appeal” of the game as the original creator was not going to involve himself in creating sequels. The game publishers announced in Gamescom 2016 that they are going to launch Metal Gear Survive that is a  cooperative adventurous game with multiplayer capabilities and survivals is eh main theme of the game.

The early footages were not rally impressive and the fans were not really happy. The storyline didn’t evolve in the actual sense. Rather the alternate was presented. It seemed as if the story will revolved around the Ground Zeroes those Big Boss’ Military soldiers who have to survive among the creatures akin to zombies and with very low resources at their disposal. It showed the world after the BigBoss and Kazuhira Miller’s exit from the Mother Base. Now the soldiers as to brave the supernatural powers as well as search the way back home and that too with the limited resources and among the zombie like creatures.The game is not a complete disappointment after all. Maximum four players are supported on the game and one can freely explore the digital world, aligning collective team efforts and designing strategies for completing various missions. So good so far, but it still remains in the womb of the future whether not the game would e able to recreate the magic once offered by the Metal gear. The game, though very different form the expectations often gamers cannot be called disappointing at this point. On the contrary some of the features are really appreciable.


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