$1 Unlimited Reseller hosting for 2018

How can you find the $1 reseller hosting for 2018

While web hosting business is one of the most flourishing online businesses promising very good revenue, returns and reputation it also demands huge investment. You would require a fortune if you want to start a web hosting company from the scratch. The is why the people with budget restrictions generally shy away from entering into the field of web hosting thinking of their incapability to cope with the investment needed to set up their own company. Besides, there would be a number of compliance’s and licenses or certificate that you would need to acquire being merit-based all these certificates and other such licenses etc. are not easy to be acquired. However, there still is away to enjoy the benefits offered the web hosting industry and also experience e entrepreneurial freedom sans investing vast amounts or going too deep into technical details of the hosting industry. Many established web hosting companies offer reseller hosting packages. Joining is easy and you need very low costs to start the business. Resellers are also offered frequent discounts and you can even find $1 reseller hosting plans some times. Besides, you would also enjoy a host of other benefits for more details let us first know some details about seller hosting:

What is reseller hosting?

In simple words, the hosting resellers can be compared to the retailers of hosting resources. They buy the hosting resources at bulk rates and sell them in smaller quantities to the end clients making a profit. He can sell the products under your own private brand and the technical/support issues will be taken care of by h provider. So you can majorly focus on selling part while the technical details will be looked after by the parents.

Who is the best reseller hosting company?

There is no single best reseller hosting company as the ideal company for  a word press blogger may not work equivalently well with an MNC website. It’s because of the changing requirements. That’s why it would be better to look forth ideal reseller hosting company that can offer you the plans fully capable of meeting the major objectives of your clients Based on the same we have selected few top reseller hosting depending upon your targeted clients and specific objectives.

How can I get $ reseller hosting plans?

Many hosting providers keep on offering a number of discounts and sometimes the discounts can slash the original prices to $1. So in order to get the $1 reseller hosting plans discount you need to like the company’s pages on the Facebook and visit them often. Such discount information is generally published on the Facebook page of the sites. This article presents the list of cheap reseller hosting companies.

What are the qualities of a good reseller company?

There are multiple qualities that form the basis of choosing the ideal reseller hosting company. Speed is the prime factor as it determines the user experience. At the same time the steady performance is equally important to ensure that the browsing experience of a user goes on without any disruptions. The fluctuations cannot be eliminated completely and traffic is always unpredictable. So, you should have a good uptime for cushioning any fluctuations.

Resellerclub: The best choice or overall needs of resellers

Resellerclub, as the name implies is the ultimate choice for the resellers Because of its reseller friendly design the reseller club is fully capable of offering the best experience for the resellers. It not only takes the complete care of multiple aspects of reselling business but also has a number of plans to fully support the specific changing needs during different points of evolution The is why whether you have just forayed into the field of reseller hosting or are a seasoned reseller hosting provider looking to enhance your RoI you would find reseller club the most trusted partner in your success. If you are looking forte best name in the field o reseller hosting plans hen reseller club is the best choice for you.

InMotion: To get the extended best admin controls

InMotion believes in offering the extended controls to their resellers. That is why they offer you the complementary management efficiency tools without any additional costs. The savings that you enjoy on these otherwise expensive tools allows you to hike your profit margin. Some resellers may also want to win the customer loyalty by passing on the cost-benefit to their end clients. As soon as you sign up you will be rewarded with multiple cPanel accounts- not 1, 2 or 10 but up to 30 cPanel accounts will be rewarded to you to help you expand your capabilities and opportunities as a reseller. Likewise, you will be offered the WHMCS the state of the art interface specially designed to accommodate all the management, admin, marketing, and CRM and invoicing needs of resellers. You can check their Facebook page for $1 reseller hosting plans.

Site Ground Hosting:  Great Word Press reseller hosting plans

Word Press is the most preferred CMS for bloggers but of late it has also been used extensively by the small businesses too. Site ground’s WordPress reseller hosting plans are fully optimized to align when specific requirements of the word press in the terms of security, speed, and other word press friendly features. While the SSD efficiency boosts up the loading speed, the CDN Cloud Flare access maintains the uniformity of speed irrespective of different locations that would be a boon for your clients who wish to impact the global audience. The strong caching system is another positive feature of Site ground Word press reseller hosting plans. Besides, the company takes complete care of maintaining various aspects of Word Press. So your clients can continue to enjoy the best benefits and latest features. Some of such services include single click installers, instant updates, a staging environment and powerful command line management. So if you wish to cater primarily to popular Bloggers and small businesses with Word Press site then Site ground can be your first choice

GoDaddy  for resellers with high dreams

If you are interested in gearing up your revenue and reputations then the best way is to be a preferable choice partner of MNCs and Global brands. SO, you should be able to show your distinct efficiency to cater to three most vital demands of such businesses, namely- Accessibility, speed, and security. In motion offers its resellers all these three capabilities along with a host of other gestures. Its SSD hosting is especially based on the sophisticated SSD technology that can gears up the site performance by as much as 20 times more than conventional Hard Disk Drives. It would help your clients to get the performance/speed that perfectly aligns with their brand reputation. Of course, it will also help them to penetrate deeply into huge target group using mobile devices for browsing. Apart from best security features to efficiently shield the client’s site from a number of general and specific that’s why the Go Daddy also offers the protection against strong DDoS attacks- one of the major attacks that focuses on inclines and is capable of maximum destruction. The Automatic backups offer an additional peace of mind to the clients by minimizing the loss during most unfavourable conditions. Dynamic email accounts, impressive uptime and instant load distribution are other positive points of Go Daddy hosting. The prices are really low and it wouldn’t be a miracle if you can in $1 reseller hosting plans advertised on Go daddy’s Facebook page.

Hostgator: For A t Z reseller hosting support

Hesitator offers a host of features to strongly support the new resellers in every possible way. Apart from the affordable prices, the company also facilitates and compresses the learning curve by offering a wide choice of 400+ different tutorials. As a fair practice company Hostgator believes in imparting the technical knowledge to their resellers instead of just limiting their role as a selling agent. That is why all the 400+ tutorials offer the deep insights and explains in most lucid way the intricate aspects of the trade. Besides you will also get the unlimited capabilities to allow you to utilize your stamina to the maximum. You will get unlimited emails, domains and FTP accounts with your reseller account package. So you don’t have to struggle to keep your wide customer base happy.

A2Hosting for premium shared hosting experience

If you wish to offer the premium experience to your shared hosting clients without inflating their budgets then you can go for the A2Hosting services. A2 offers the shared hosting plans that are well managed and each server hosts only the manageable number of clients that truly ensures the unrestricted availability of the resources for the clients. At the same time the lower number of clients sharing the server vastly reduces any safety issues that would be a great thing for the clients with specific safety requirements. Uptime plays a major role in making or breaking the visitors. A2 Hostings guaranteed 99.9 percent guaranteed uptime is the major reason that your hosting clients would love it. Besides you don’t have to worry about the support mechanism as the company has a thriving team of in-house support experts that offer prompt support to the clients and would make sure to present the best practical solutions.


While it would be unreasonable to pick any one reseller hosting company from the above mentioned name, you would most probably like to go for reseller club. The company not only offer the plans that are specially designed to help the resellers sell easier, faster and better- but also extends its support to guide the steady growth. Besides as the company majorly focuses on the resellers, it can be expected that the resellers would be offered a premium opportunity to grow. The company is also agile to adopt and adapt to any new technology in the field while the professionals are apt at interpreting your business needs into technical processes and offer you the complete range of solutions/plans that are fairly prices feature-rich secured, speedy and safe.

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