How to choose best wordpress hosting provider?


How to choose best wordpress hosting provider?

Price Affordability is the major criteria to keep in mind while finding the bets wordpress hosting plan. But more importantly you need to ensure the right balance between affordability and quality/features. It does not make any sense to buy a low-priced plan lack quality resources or required features. Other things to keep in mind are speed, stability, regular updates, WordPress expertise and quick resolution to any technical issues. Depending upon your business and budget you can opt for any hosting pan. Here are the major wordpress hosting plans.

Different hosting plans for your wordpress site in 2018

WordPress is counted among the best CMS to create your own website using simple, zero coding steps. In order to get the maximum benefits out of your WordPress Hosting you need to opt for wordpress hosting that is especially designed to align with the specific requirements of WordPress s site.

Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting Plans. In this plan multiple sites are hosted on single web server. These websites utilize common pool of resource. The costs are divided into multiple clients that lower down the price per person. The resources are automatically distributed as per the varying needs of individual clients on the same server


  • Economical
  • No Technical Knowledge essential
  • Unlimited resources and streamlined provisioning of resources as per the needs


  • Lack of Privacy
  • Low Security
  • An ongoing tug of war for the higher resource needs

Virtual private sever

Virtual private sever or VPS hosting also hosts multiple sites on the same sever. However, you get some virtual space that allows better privacy and, ore security. Besides you can have a better access to the resources when your site needs them. You will also enjoy better ownership of allotted resources. Unit shared hosting these resources cannot used b other users sharing the server.

The web hosting provider will take care of technical aspects.


  • More expensive
  • You need some technical knowledge or pat a premium price for managed hosting


  • Better security
  • More ownership of our resources
  • Ire privacy

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server offers the maximum-security and performance. Instead of just a specific virtual space you will be provided an entire server for your use. Unlike VPs you don’t get just small portion of space but entire range of resources will be at your services. Best ownership and specific ecosystem make dedicated server an ideal choice for high end sites. Blogs with heavy traffic,


  • High costs
  • Requires good technical knowledge


  • Best security Maximum privacy
  • Full time availability of maximum resources


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