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The Best VPS Hosting Companies in 2018

While the shared web hosting is the ideal choice for a beginner the clients need better hosting services as the site grows and attracts more traffic. In such cases you can go for VPS hosting. Due to the better privacy, more security and better resource utilization the VPS hosting offers a better site performance that translates to enhanced user experience. If you are also looking for a VPS hosting provider who is capable to cater to your demands at your desired prices then here site list of top 25 VPS hosting providers & Companies for the best results:

Big Rock

Big Rock VPS hosting offers a wide variety of features that allows the required flexibility along with more controls for the clients. You can enjoy a number of purpose-specific advantages by using Big Rock VPS hosting services like pre-installed cPanel, guaranteed resources, additional storage and full root access. With each purchase the company provides you a free primary IP.  Strategic use of multiple latest technologies allows the company to offer a stable performance. The fair pricing makes the plans much more affordable than its nearest peers. This feature is especially an asset for the start-ups, bloggers and small businesses looking for upgrading to VPS hosting. Support is prompt and relevant. All these features make it the best cheap VPS hosting plans for the clients.

A2 Hosting

Being a client first company, a2 hosting company utilizes especially architected its VPS hosting servers to comfortably meet the dedicated resource demands of the clients while keeping the prices effectively low. It allows the client to enjoy fast loading and better load management even during fluctuations tanks to exclusive Turbo server, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and developer-friendly features. Hence your site enjoys premium speed and an uncompromised stability- the major requirements for an ideal user experience. The company offers 3 VPS hosting plans – Managed, Unmanaged and Core VPS.

Host Papa

Host Papa has wisely designed its VPS hosting plans to ensure the maximum freedom to its clients. Thanks to the simple control panel interface the clients don’t have to struggle for utilizing various controls. The good availability of resources helps you to confidently handle high resource demands without affecting the user experience. The company is committed offer the quality infrastructure and carefully sources its components from the reputed brands of the industry. The support team is well versed at its job and you will immediately get the prompt solutions.


The company is counted as the fastest growing Cheap VPS hosting plans provider. With the help of strong redundant power supply, streamlined backup system and best security policies Hostinger promises best functioning and multifaceted security for your site. It has earned the company a wide popularity evidently its 29,000,000 strong customer base. You can choose from a total of 6 different VPS plans with different resources and process. The company also offers a trial. The company also offers a 1-month money back guarantee. The company also follows the strict protection guidelines against latest security threats. with the use of high end cloud servers the company promises the best performance while maintaining the stability. Hosting offers the best client support via multiple mediums.


The USP of GoDaddy VPS plan is high uptime that is managed even during the unfavorable situations like intense traffic or high other technical bottlenecks. The flexibility offered by its control panel invites even the nontechnical users to enjoy the extended controls.

Blue host

Since the company began its operations it has won the trust of a huge number of clients including some of the most reputed names. Many clients of the company are the regular clients that show the positive customer loyalty it enjoys. As for the VPS hosting the company utilizes KVM Hypervisor that guarantees round the clock resource availability. The friendly y support team helps you to immediately set up your server. More importantly, the company maintains the highest standards of quality that offer your site a remarkable performance. Right from the CPU to RAM and hard disk, every single component is sourced from reputed brands.


Just Host holds a vast specialized in VPS hosting. The company benefits its clients with its deep insights, versatile expertise and dedicated support system. It believes in innovating and uses the latest sophisticated technologies to ensure the premium services at lowest possible costs. Ample resources, quick support and best techniques help the company to enjoy a premium position. The company has priced its plans reasonably that encourages start-ups and SMEs to go for premium VPS servers for better site performance. Thanks to its enhanced control panel you will be able to enjoy full root access to maximize your control over your site.

Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja’s VPS hosting plans are entirely based on offering the premium experience to the clients by providing high amount of resources, easily manageable interface and extended flexibility. The users would also appreciate the extreme value for money provided the fair pricing policy that company is strictly adhered to.  The VPS hosting plans come with a variety f  features like Inbuilt Secure upload modules, multi PHP version, automatic firewall setup and easily manageable admin panel.


iPage offers a dependable VPS hosting plan for the clients who are looking for the best performance at reasonable prices. The USP of the company is its high scalability and flexible approach that allows the client to manage VPS hosting without any technical hassles.  The company’s servers are monitored round the clock with the help of best technique and talent. Carefully recruited security professionals safeguard the server 24X7. Apart from securing your site it also helps in the best uptime experience. There are 3 simple, comprehensible VPS plans aptly named as Basic, Business and Optimum.


As opposed to many other companies Go4Hosting offers the instant provisioning guarantee. That means within minutes of purchasing the plan the client would be up and running. That prevents the client from unnecessary delays and speed up the operations. Right room hardware components to software the company uses only the high quality resources that allows it to managing different aspects of the hosting effectively that results in stable and speedy performance.


Miles web employs the cloud technology to enable the VPS servers. It not only enhances the controls but also offers an extended flexibility. For offering the simple site administration the company offers you cPanel considered as the best control panel for efficient management of websites. The company uses the high standard RAM, Processors and CPU for a glitch re performance. Security is the paramount feature of the company and you will also appreciate the daily backups of VPS hosting node.


Host dime offers dynamic VPS hosting with the best resources. The superior SSD VPS Hosting offers a bullet speed to your site. Besides you would also appreciate the services that are 20 times better than the traditional VPS server that utilized SATA.Besides the network performance is accelerated by using multiple Gbps fibre network. As the company exclusively dedicates Ups to your accounts you can enjoy a better control and personalize your DNS records as required.

B4U Hosting

B4U Hosting holds a premium position when it comes to the high quality services and fair pricing. The company ranks really high when it comes to the speed. Thanks to the latest technologies the company is able to offer the steady performance even during the high demand situations. The prices are pretty affordable and you would also like the plethora of features provided by the company. A special attention is given to flexibility and you would be able to customize multiple aspects of your site without any issues. The support team fares well on handling a variety o issues.


HostGator is a reliable name when it comes to quality VPS hosting plans. The company’s long experience with diverse clients has helped it to developed a keen insights into the exact requirements if eh clines. The plans are modestly priced and would especially suit to the start-ups and SMEs. The resource more than sufficient and you can even manage the hefty media-rich websites without any concerns. Round the clock support, free VPS migration and option of managed services are other best features of the company.


Hostindia is the preferred choice of bloggers as well as corporate world when it comes to the VPS hosting. The company is able to blend the economical rates and quality delivery that is not a common thing when we consider VS plans. You will enjoy working on the simple, intuitive interface that comes with wide control options.


Brainpulse ranks high when it comes to reliable VPS hosting providers

in India. The company beeves in simplifying the things and it is evident in the plans as well as the pricing system offered by the company you will get a comfortable amount of resources to enjoy full control over your website. The company offers best resources to manage the speed and performance of your website.


Dreamhost comes with a strong set of features to take care of specific demands of high-end users. At the same time, it offers the ease of use to the non-technical users by providing them a graphical website builder with Zero coding requirements. The prices are pretty reasonable and support team is efficient.


Hostwinds is a dynamic VPS hosting provider that is equipped with a number of required tools to effectively manage your online presence like architecting your own website with premium features without going through scripting. You will also enjoy the instant loading speed guaranteed by the company. The uptime is impressive and performance remains unaltered in most of the cases. The support team is sufficiently knowledgeable.

The Media temple

The Media temple comes with a blend of performance and reliability driven by high stamina resources, best quality infrastructure, and a well-managed network. The company utilizes the best techniques in order t offer you the cream experience. It majorly excels at offering the seamless user experience by effectively managing your site through different phases.


The company is committed to the quality services at the cheapest prices. Instant setup, the best value of money and comfortable resource allocation are a few major features of the company. You will also enjoy the professedly managed services that are backed by round the clock monitoring and quick issue resolution management.


The company holds the significant position among its peer’s thanks to its fair policies and user-friendly outlook. The diverse experience for the companying offering end to end solutions for start-ups, SMEs, and corporate moguls has allows the company to quickly interpret the business needs into technical terms.


The company has been deeply engaged in offering the VPS hosting services to a number of clients with the help of the best techniques and following the ideal methodologies. The company is apt at offering value-based services without inflating the prices. You will also enjoy talking to the support team that agile efficient a knowledgeable.


Best support and innovative techniques are 2 of the major qualities of the company the company believes in upgrading its performance to meet the higher standards. There VPS hosting plans come with a variety of user-friendly features and that offer direct business benefits. The uptime guarantee is maintained even in the demanding situations and abundant sources allow the clients to enjoy the best performance. You can contact support via different mediums and get an instant response.


The company offers a package of pure performance coupled with fair prices. A dedicated team monitor the server round the clock that helps in eliminating the chances of technical bottlenecks. For the more demanding customers the company provides high grade plans with better resource availability and premium quality. Support team is capable of rendering fine assistance and prices are quite reasonable considering the features and package inclusions.


If you are looking for the economical VPS hosting plan then VPS link is the best choice for you provided you are comfortable handling your VPS server independently. VPSLink is the provider that firmly believes in healthy competition with its competitors and outpacing them on multiple fronts. Right from uptime to stability and speed, the company offers multiple reasons to rank as your preferred VPS choice. The company offers unmanaged VPS hosting to its clients at the most economical prices. With the help of well laid out plan the company is able to keep their overheads low and pass the benefits to the clients.


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