The world’s Best WordPress Hosting Companies in 2018


The Best WordPress Hosting Providers for 2018 with Discount Codes

 While many people pay a keen attention on the aesthetical aspect of their website, not too many are really much concerned about the backend resources and infrastructure like webhosting or domain name. We have revealing news for such people. While exterior aspects like design, functionality, apps and content play an important role in attracting the people, it is actually the basic infrastructure resources that make or break the user experience. In fact the Google’s strict adhere with user experience and the latest guidelines in 2018 have made it almost mandatory to go for the quality wordpress hosting. Even a website with the best external features fails to leave the desired impact in the absence of quality web hosting service as it is the web hosting service that determines the loading speed, performance and stability of your website.

There are a number of website hosting services available including free, shared dedicated, and VPS hosing services. If you have a wordpress website then you need to go or the wordpress web hosting that is especially designed to handle the specific requirements of a wordpress website.

Advantages of WordPress site

More than 50% of global websites are powered by WordPress and there is a good reason behind the same. The year 2018 is expected to see a is of at least 27% in the total number of WordPro’s sites. WordPress not only offers an easy interface to manage the different aspects of your website without any technical complexities but it is also based on a light script. Besides, the uniform compatibility of WordPress with diverse web hosting companies is another salient feature that adds to the utility appeal of WordPress hosting. The WordPress web hosting doesn’t have any specific requirements either. All you need is just PHP (5.2.4 or greater) and MySQL (5.0 or greate)

What is WordPress Hosting?

The web hosting that is especially designed to cater to the specific requirements of a wordpress website is known as wordpress hosting. Apart from facilitating the WordPress installation process with single-click installation the reputed wordpress hosting companies also offer a host of future to allow you extracting the maximum benefits out of your wordpress website with best wordpress support like:

  • Timely updates
  • Optimizing your wordpress site performance
  • Offering wordpress specific consultancy
  • Providing the best wordpress support over the phone or chat.

How to select best types of hosting for WordPress’s?

While selecting the best wordpress hosting company you need to concentrate on 4S-

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Support

Besides, the pricing also matters a lot. While you cannot expect such premium features at cheap prices, make sure that the prices are reasonable and fit well into your budget.

Managed wordpress hosting

The managed wordpress hosting dedicated server provider offers round the clock monitoring managed by dedicated system administrators. Besides they also offer server monitoring services and keep your wordpress packages updated with the most current version. Streamlined server observing and maintenance along with timely support via multiple platforms are other premium features you will enjoy when opting for a managed wordpress hosting, If your blog experience a very high level o traffic and you find it difficult to manage even with a decent VPS hosting the it eh ideal time to upgrade o the managed wordpress hosting plans..

As a managed dedicated server you can enjoy a host of relevant services like server maintenance, system administration, monitoring and management.

There are some of the reputed service providers that offer the end to end managed wordpress hosting services that allows the clients focus on the website blogs without having to involve himself into the technical issues, resource management or updating the versions.

As the name suggests the managed wordpress hosting services offer the full range of wordpress specific services to ensure that you should enjoyed best benefits out of your wordpress site. Their staffs are specially qualified to manage diverse aspects of wordpress and offer full assistance as per varying requirements. Such companies conduct site security audit, provides timely updates and takes the various necessary steps for ensuring maximum site performance even during the instances of high traffic or intense loads. Besides, they also offer security warning and periodic wordpress consultancy related to best practices and dos/don’ts. The end to end wordpress evaluation allows you o enjoy the optimum benefits out of your wordpress site. You can also expect the premium support from the staff with versatile experience in the field of wordpress technologies and management.

Though valuable at premium prices the services and benefits offered by managed wordpress hosting fully justifies each single penny they cost. However, it would be great to evaluate the present and expected income you expect from your blog or website. Ensure that you wouldn’t end up paying more than what you are getting or eventually using up a huge part of your profits on managed wordpress hosting.

Free WordPress Hosting Services

As the name suggest you don’t have to pay anything for using the free web hosting services. It might sound tempting but you need to know a few things before you start using the free services. There is nothing like a free lunch in this world and free webhosting service is to an exception here. The service providers make a good profit by displaying a number of ads. Besides, you cannot expect or demand the premium services from such providers. As a result your site may most possibly lacks on essential features like speed, security or stability.

In most of the cases you would need to display him hosting provider’s banner ads on a specific potion on your websites that clearly interferes with your brand identity while at the same time affecting the user experience. Another disadvantage of such free wardress hosting is substandard poorly managed services that result in slow loading sped, altered performance, fluctuations or even frequent downtime. Reputed wordpress hosting companies would generally not offer such free wordpress hosting services due o the obvious reasons.  Such services are generally sold by the individual reseller who wants to create awareness about his brand. Some end clients with dedicated resource requirement but limited budget may also decide to sell a little portion o hero web host resources in order to cover up the displaying ads. Understandably the unused resources can anytime be pulled up by t client causing downtime you your website

In fact if you are really serious about the reputation of your wordpress website and have long term objectives then you should avoid free wordpress web hosting at all costs. With the rising popularity of wordpress hosting even the premium wordpress web hosting packages have lowered down their prices. Besides, many providers keep on introducing frequent discounts? Hence it couldn’t be called a wise decision to risk your site reputation and performance with free wordpress hosting services.

Shared WordPress web hosting

Shared web hosting packages are the most popular hosting plans due to multiple reasons. They are available at the most economical prices, offer decent site performance, provide scalable resource allotment and are user-friendly. One of the major benefits of shared web hosting plan is that you don’t have to involve yourself into the complicated technical processes as it is managed by the service provider.

In in shared hosting multiple websites are hosted on the same server hat helps in sharing the costs thus efficient lowering down the cost per user. However, as the same server resources are shared among multiple users it is difficult o escape the tug of war. There are instances when the intense traffic surge of another website may pull up substantial restore thus starving you website and eventually affecting its performance. While you are offered he unlimited resources there are some conditions attached that strictly prevent the users from substantial resource consumption. You can be asked to upgrade your plan to enjoy optimum resource availability,

If you are a beginner and have limited technical knowledge then shared web hosting is the best solution for you. Apart from affordable prices the shared hosting plans also save you from technical management r resource allocation

VPS server WordPress Management

VPS server promise better privacy, higher security and more privacy. Though you would still be sharing the server space with other websites the virtual partitioning helps you to enjoy better resource availability and higher amount of privacy. Besides your website also benefit from higher security it is not easily accessible to the public. Virtualization also helps in facilitating the quick resource allocation and eliminating a number of hardware issues if your website is experiencing higher traffic or you experience frequent downtime then it is the apt time to go for VPS hosting/ Medium business enterprises. Develops and blogs with decent traffic are the main prospects for VPS hosting.

One thing to keep in the mind is the unlike shared web hosting the VPS hosting requires you to manage various technical aspects like resource management and settings. If you are from non technical background ten you can opt for e manage services that are available at additional costs but offer you better peace of mind the service provider takes full responsibility of technical management like upgrading, security backups and site management

Dedicated server

As the name suggests the dedicated server offers out eh fully dedicated resources to confidently take care of resource requirements of you website. You will get a specific computer reserved to meet your individual requirements. You don’t have to share the resources server with other users that offers 100%privcy and premium security.

Just like VPS  you have the option o but h self managed servers that need you to directly manage the technical aspects  or you may opt for he fully managed services were he technical specifications/settings are managed by the professional team o the service provides thus  freeing you up from concerns about technical settings.

One thing to keep in the mind is that different bloggers have varying requirements ad depending on the same he definition of h best wordpress hosting provider can be different. Some bloggers prefer speed while the others are looking for best storage management. Still others would opt for the service with substantial bandwidth to handle the fluctuating traffic efficiently. In short you need identify your specific objectives and evaluate the service provider to ensure hat they should meet your precise objectives.

Name Pricing (USD) Support  Storage  Monthly Data Transfers SSL Certificate 1-Click WordPress Installs Purchase
BlueHost $3.45/mo 24/7 Unlimited Unlimited Free Free Try Now
Dreamhost $16.95/mo 24/7 10GB Limited Free Try Now
Hostgator $5.95/mo 24/7 Limited Limited Free Try Now
SiteGround $3.95/mo 24/7 10GB Limited Free Try Now
GreenGeeks $2.95/mo 24/7 Unlimited Unlimited Free Try Now
FatCow $3.75/mo 24/7 Unlimited Unlimited Try Now
A2Hosting (Recommended by us) $3.92/mo 24/7 Unlimited Unlimited Free Free Try Now
GoDaddy $3.99/mo 24/7 10GB Limited Free Try Now
wpengine $29/mo 24/7 10GB Limited Free Free Try Now
 Hostinger $2.15/mo 10GB Limited free Try Now

If budget is the main concern for you but don’t want to compromise on the reliability then you can go for a wordpress management company that provides unlimited resources like BlueHost

BlueHost Company comes with a benefit of 15+ years of industry experience and you can expect extreme value of money due to package inclusions and service quality their plans are available at very economical prices as compared to other players of their reputations.

  • Bluehost offers you the complete peace of mind with its unlimited resources like
  • The company also offers you single click wordpress installation option that allows you to install the wordpress instantly without having to deal with the technical complexity.
  • On the top you would also be offered round the clock professional support by in-house customer service and best wordpress support engineers.
  • It is especially suitable for the beginners who we want to start their blogging career.


If you would like to enjoy the most efficiency then you can opt for the shared web hosting nu dream host a 14 years old company with numerous global clients and a distinct reputation.

  • However unlike many reputed hosting providers Dream host doesn’t offer you website builder and you have to hire a web designer to create your website that would add to overall expenses and may also delay the process of going onboard.
  • After creating the site you then need t upload it via FTP that could be a tough task for no technical clients and involves some learning curve? It also means t you need to depend upon your web designer for optimizing your site in the future that would attract recurring costs
  • Dream host delivers round the clock quality wordpress support by seasoned team of support executives. The support staffs excel ay the hob and offers instant support services.


Hostgator has been in the industry since more than a decade and holds a versatile experience/ Due to its focus on quality support and wise is of latest technologies the service providers very popular with bloggers. role many other reliable wordpress hosting provider they also offer unlimited  storage, emails and bandwidth along with 24*7 premium , support/ Apart from the clean track record the hostgator also offer $100 Google Ad Word credit at can actively jelp you in your branding exercises

If you go for business plan you will also get business oriented services like a toll far number the cud e linked to any present umber the you see after deducting the discount the plans available at #10.69:


SiteGround enjoys powerful; presence in multiple locations. Apart from its headquartered situated in Humble, Texas the company also has offices in Bulgaria a Sofia.

Hence you can enough the extended options when comes to choose your preferred server location you would also be offered a free domain name that comes with 1 year validity.

The salient features of include proactive hardware upgrades for robust performance, servers with best configuration, quick replacement process for failed equipments to ensure agile performance and unaltered services.

The company also ranks high when it comes to the purpose specific innovations. For example, it offers you special account seclusion that guarantees complete safety to your website even if another site on the server is compromised or attacked. That helps your site safe from any misshaping in case another site on the same server is hacked or attacked.


Hostinger offers the high quality managed wordpress hosting at easily adorable prices. The company enjoys a good reputation especially among the bloggers because of its sure friendly features and dynamic management capabilities. The group enjoys wide presence across various counties of the globe. Besides, it also has multiple collocations in different continents that multiply the capability the company. As an ICANN accredited registrar’s community the company adheres to the best industry practices that eventually helps the clients to enjoy the maximum benefits. The company’s in house well trained support team offers prompt and competent assistance to the clients

  • Fastest web servers powered by SSD,
  • 99% uptime
  • Well optimized PHP,
  • MySQL
  • Custom web hosting Cpanel.
  • Other Features include: Unlimited web hosting with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited numbers of websites.

Green Geeks

Green Geeks hosting may not be called the cheapest option in the industry but you get the maximum benefit out of your expenses. The team offers a complete range of support assistance during multiple phases and complies with the best trade practices. It utilizes the latest technologies that eliminate the unnecessary delays promises speedy delivery. The company also offer 24*7-365 quality support via multiple communication channels.


The company is committed to provide him premium user experience with the help of best infrastructure and ecosystem. It uses only the premium grade adware with unlimited resources like bandwidth, domain names and databases. The company also provides c


  • Unlimited Storage space.
  • It offers you 2 different plans to close from WordPress and WordPress + SSD for more demanding users

FatCow Hosting Service

If you don’t have very specific needs and are looking for the best cost efficient manages wordpress hosting company then Fat cow is the best option for you. The company pays an en attention on the cost and its costs are quite low as compared to its peers and competitors besides the many also promises adherence to the best services quality practices.

  • The company follows some strict guidelines to ensure that your site remains accessible the whole day long and you should enjoy the optimum speed irrespective of load.
  • Over eh period of tie the company has improved its shared hosting solutions to make them stand out with the help of premium reliable hardware and a host of user friendly features.
  • The company believes in easy navigation and basic user friendly features. This is the reason why and it is quite popular among wordpress bloggers as a reliable provider for catering to the blogging needs.


GoDaddy  is a   web hosting company that enjoys prime options due to its tireless premium support and number o user friendly tools. The site believes in keeping their prices low while at the same time enhancing the quality.

  • GoDaddy also offers you the performance guarantee backed by money back guarantee that extends to: anytime Money back’ offer/ on this front the Go Daddy is a great option.


wpengine offers a diverse and versatile experience when it comes to the words press hosing services. The prices are strangely low and start 015 that are quite affordable services. Reliable bandwidth is the USP of rack space hosting services while the flexibility s guaranteed by its multiple options.

  • Managed hosting available at an economical cost.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support
  • Expanded backups
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Rack space cloud-products


As these companies s particular caters the wordpress sites develop deep insights into wordpress management over period of tie thus you can always be assure of the catering your special requirements…Extreme security and optimize performance are 2 major qualities of such providers they hire a oppress management teams


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