Top 15 Web Hosting Companies in India 2018

top web hosting companies 2017
top web hosting companies 2017

Top 15 Web Hosting Companies in India 2018

Riding at the impressive figure of $12 Billion+ market size, web hosting is one of the most sought after, successful and highly competitive industry. A double digit expected growth in next few years will only add more power to it. So, here are the basics about web hosting for non techno types:

In short web hosting offers you the techniques, services and related resources to post your website on the internet. They save your website on special computers that are called servers. As the audience will connect to the net and type your website’s name the net will establish a communication with the server and your website will be delivered into the browser.

What is web hosting 

Let us understand this with the help of a relatively simple example. In order to make a brick and mortar shop you need to buy or rent some space. Though the space or shop is already available, you need to purchase or rent it to claim it as your own shop and entertain your clients. In the same way though there is a lot of space available over the net, you need to buy the chunk of space from web hosting provider. As in real life you know the land seller as property agent, in the online arena hosting space sellers are known as web hosting provider. Apart from offering you the space they also provide you some infrastructure elements to make a strong online presence.

Which is the best web hosting provider in India?

Though there are a number of web hosting providers available today, we need t be very careful while choosing the one. Many of them general depend upon the naivety of the uses to connive them by offering cheap services at cheap prices or even more audaciously charging premium prices for cheap or average services. So we have compiled a list of the most reputed and reliable web hosting service process in India on following criteria:


We have broadened the definition of reputation here and instead of relying only on well known names we have also included relatively less known and new names with excellent reviews and a sustainable strong foundation

We have opened a number of example sites to verify the speed claims by the different hosting providers. Surprisingly more than 50% of such claims were found to be dubious and the ones we have mentioned are genuine hosting providers offering fast loading sites.


99.99% is the most popular and yet most susceptible term here and while we may not be able to dwell much on it, we did checked the uptime reliability on the basis of customers’ review s and have included it as a major criteria.


The web hosting providers generally offer more than bare basics for extending additional support to bring you onboard and more importantly for their own commercial benefits. MySQLm Perl, PHP and control panel along with email are some of the services that most of the hosing providers offer. However some of them go beyond the traditional platter and also offer really useful things like SSH gain access or professional graphic oriented CMS or easy website builder for non programmers. Most of the providers in this list offer at least one unique add on for clients with or without additional charges


The last thing you need from your web hosting provider is its inability to offer you the support when you need it the most. So depending upon the reviews and peoples experience we have used customer support as strong criteria to find the best web hosting services. However as the customer support greatly depend upon manpower tat jeep on changing the quality of support always remain fluid and changes with manpower.


Security is the greatest concern when you go online especially if you run a huge MNC or international corporation. So we have ensured that only the provider offering best quality of security should make to this list. Top grade security is one of the major criteria for compiling this list.

The List Begins…

Big Rock

Is one of the most reputed names in web hosting industry with a great rapport with the clients across different niche? Its smooth services coupled with get what you seek approach makes it one of the most popular web hosting company of India. For basic users there is a whole collection of aesthetically built templates with strong aesthetic  looks while for the pro users they have a collection of best profession themes, visually suitable for their precise industry, The company also offers website builder for a more flexible option. Its pre and post sales services Is great and you can depend on the resolution ability of its support team. Don’t forget to keep on checking their social media profiles for regular discounts.

  • Supports Php, Ruby, Apache My SQL
  • Dedicated customer support tea,
  • 2000 Google adowrds credit
  • 1 month money back guarantee
  • High quality infrastructure and coding
  • Email services
  • Can us only one click install 300+ applicants


Ethic rules this green web hosting company that uses renewable energy. It is a welcome step as datacenters are known to consume a huge amount of resources that is a big hole in our planet’s assets. Apart from that the company also offers fair pricing policy that is aimed at moral business by opting for reasonable profits and offering affordable costs. This globally reputed company offers packages for India starting at Rs.199 per month. It empowers you with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email

  • Multilingual support for better comprehension
  • Domain registration without any charge
  • SSL certificate for safety
  • Website builder for helping you build a customizable site.


It is one of the fastest developing webhosting companies sin India they started with quite humble beginning but within a reasonable span f time it has already acquired a number  of most reputed clients because of its flexibility, product portfolio, after sales services and honest saving schemes. It offers Shared web hosting, dedicated plans and VPS hosting. The company offers best consultant for non technical website owners and tell them about the best pans suitable for their requirements while meeting their budget and scheduled expenses.

  • Mobile friendly rich and professional domains
  • Most sophisticate marketing suite
  • Designing and building tools
  • PayPal integration
  • One click installer


Hosting Raja is quite popular among bloggers because of its reliable features that is able to tackle their traffic decently and even manage the hiccups with almost zero harm. Their affordable plans are great assets for starters while the premium hosting package is aimed at supporting the bloggers with a large national and international following. Besides, their support team is specially trained to offer the concise and uncomplicated support to their clients in plain English. Easy, no-fuss migration from other providers with absolutely no technical glitch or data loss

  • They offer a flexible pricing system for different evolution stages and budgets
  • For a single website Gold or unlimited plan– Rs.199 or Rs.299 per month
  • If you want to host multiple sites then go for Premium unlimited Rs.499 or 699
  • To ward off any pricing complication Hosting Raja offers unlimited resources for hosting including:


GoDaddy is famous for its most affordable plans and its mere presence in the market discourages competition. However, affordability is not the only advantage offered by GoDaddy. Its features and services are also rich and meaningful. Apart from offering a domain name at zero fees they also offer you a free setup.


  • Premium protection with 256 Bit Encryption
  • 99% Uptime guarantee
  • For basic boot-strapped website owners


Hostgator takes personalization to the next level by offer a versatile range of packages each with exact features that are required to fulfill the needs of different businesses and individuals. The company has different plans for basic and advanced packages. They charge for premium and additional features like migration and domain name, the features and service quality is worth every penny you pay. The company gets a clear edge over the other contestants of this list as far as the quality and experience are concerned.


  • Sterling quality of every feature they offer.
  • Best migration service
  • CMD, shopping cart and other powerful features t offer full package web solutions
  • Unlimited resources comes with the best quality
  • 24 hour customer support by dedicated and knowledgeable team
  • Multiple communication mediums for support- phone, chat, ticket and email.
  • Security features available to offer security t your website and audience,
  • Periodical offer and coupons for further savings


This company blends technology and manpower to offer you the most positive experience. It offers different packages suitable for different types of client’s right for a blogger o an international company with global presence; The Company offers extreme efficiency, sterling services and unmatched brand reputation.

  • Complete website management services
  • E commerce store
  • Easy site builders with professional appeal
  • $200 Ad credits
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy and safe way to wordpress
  • An asset for small business hosting

B4U India

It offers the nearly perfect hosting services for beginners and advanced alike and stresses on value for money. Its deep product inventory includes a number of personalized hosting packages aimed at helping the web owners across all budgets, industries and knowledge level to get the best plans they deserve. Right from shared hosting plans for the beginners they offer VPS hosting with fully managed features and dedicated server for even more premium requirements.  For specific hosting plans they offer domain names at no extra charges.


  • 12 Years Experience
  • Quality owned Servicers
  • Initial responses in less than an hour
  • Affordable prices


Amazingly for the affordable and even quite own price the company offers the premium quality pre-sales and post sales features that  are comparable to most reputed and highly established hosting brands of India. The host of features that it offers is not only easy and uncomplicated but also comes for free or at negligible prices that is great asset for first timers who are limited by knowledge, manpower and budget. Besides, the company is constantly adding new features and further elevating their quality to win a cutting edge among its peers.

  • Have worked with industry big names like Thomas cook, Make My Tip and airtel
  • Free SSL Certificates and office 365 suites with the hosting
  • High level security
  • Affordable process

A2 hosting

This hosting company is not only rich in technology but also possesses enhanced knowledge to offer their clients the most real serves at most affordable costs. In fact unlike many other providers they do no cut down the costs by compromising with the quality but by using the latest technology and knowhow.

  • Redundancy at the next level
  • Affordable plans
  • Multiple plans across different categories
  • One of the most sophisticated set of technologies used

Blue Host

The company has been working with some of the choices clients in multiple continents and it is the varied experience of the company that offers it an edge over the others. Right from eh personal bloggers till the MNCs with multiple verticals, the list of clients is not only regular but varied as well.

  • Periodical deals
  • Instantly server setup
  • Cloud technology available for further flexibility and scalability
  • Only most useful and quality add-ons
  • Multiple plans for different storage needs and add-ons


This company is already a big hit among the website owners with budget concerns. They have specially design their package to be pocket friendly and by cutting down the unnecessary features they are able to maintain really low prices. Of course you can opt for the extra features whenever you need it or are able to pay for the same.

  • Redundant server features
  • Complete package of domain hosting and website
  • Build-in translation
  • Mobile optimized
  • Easy order invoices and store integration
  • Business email facility at Rs.49
  • Affordable

green geeks

With its redundant resources, high quality hardware and many unlimited features, * is clearly the most valued asset of your online business. The company only relies on the handpicked hardware, sophisticate technologies and unmistakable monitoring and managing regimes to offer you the most uncomplicated and stable connectivity even during acute traffic pressure or unforeseen technological glitches. The company’s datacenters are situated at the most favorable location largely free from possibility of natural extremities that can affect datacenters and/or servers.

  • Scalability redefined
  • Anytime no-fuss upgrade
  • Easy migration services
  • A number of web products available

Dream Host

The company rides on genuine reputation it has built over the years but it is not all about the brand name, it has got the real mettle to prove its premium pricing. Its hosting is especially designed to offer more-than-expected scope. That shows the company’s determination to discourage any hiccup created by traffic hike or technical jerk. Besides, the company offers a number of website building tools, templates and customization abilities with easy interface.

  • Click to edit webhosted builder
  • Client Privacy is secured
  • 100% uptime
  • 24X7X365 support
  • Open source solutions


One of the leading web hosting providers of India Milesweb’s USP is the affordability with agreeable quality. Apart from Live chat and email, they also provide complete support through toll free number 0253-6090111. They offer complete packages for users on any stage- right from beginner to advance. For further ease they have named their products relevantly:


  • If you purchase annual web hosting services com you will get free domain names
  • Their cPanel offers uncomplicated click-once-and-install process for Joomla, Magento, and WordPress
  • A simple cPanel offers a single interface for handling multiple aspects with ease domain, database, billing managing, etc.


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