Top vps hosting providers in india

Top 5 VPS providers in India

VPS hosting utilizes different virtual servers to host different websites that offers a separate dedicated digital landscape to each client which cannot be accessed by any other website on the same physical server. There are 3 major benefits offered by VPS hosting over shared hosting plans.

  • First of all you enjoy a dedicated resource pool that can be used only for your website thus eliminating the possibility of “tug-of-war” situation among multiple websites as in the case of shared hosting where common resource pool is divided among different websites.
  • Secondly in the case of shared hosting plans if one website on the same server is attacked by a hacker it also makes your website prone to hacking. However, the VPS hosting virtually partitions the server of different clients and each virtual server works independently without being affected by any other virtual server. Hence your website’s security is not at risk even if any other website on the VPS gets hacked.
  • The third major benefit is that VPS hosting allows you to enjoy an extended control over your resources that allows you to optimize the resource allocates as per varying needs of your website.

There are a number of VPS India Hosting providers. However, in order to enjoy the premium features at fair price you need to go for the reputed brands. Depending upon several parameters we have selected top 5 VPS hosting providers in India for 2018. Here is the list:

Hosting Raja

The huge array of hosting services that are offered by the hosting that not only makes it a great choice for people with specific needs but also caters to limited budget. Hosting Raja also offers a greater reliability along with best customer services


  • Basic VPS comes with 1 GB of RAM and a Bandwidth of TB that is more than sufficient for the beginners and the package is recommendable for the clients who are just making the transition from shared hosting to VPS hosting.
  • Value VPS as the name suggests comes with higher capacities. RAM and Bandwidth are doubled (i.e. 2 GB and 2 TB respectively) while the Disk Space is also increased to 60 GB for comfortable storage of data. It will suit the businesses that have more advanced requirements.
  • The businesses or blogs that experience heavy traffic or frequent fluctuation can benefit from Premium VPS that is specially architected for catering to more specific needs such clients. The RAM of 3 GB and a Bandwidth of 3 TB means that your website will be able to handle any fluctuations decently and enjoy great speed that is counted as an important SEO factor. Apart from MNC websites the high popular blogs will also benefit from this hosting by offering a seamless and quick browsing experience to their clients irrespective of the traffic or simultaneous activities.
  • Keeping in mind the special needs of ECommerce sites the company has also architected the plans like Premium ECommerce and Extreme E-commerce that are specially equipped with all the features required for offering a quick, worry-free experience to the online shoppers even during high season or traffic influx experience during discount sales.

Big rock

It was the founder if Diecti group Bhavin Turakhia who founded Bigrock. The company offers smooth best plans for small businesses as well as Start-ups. Its reasonable prices competency and user friendly customer service makes it a great asset for people looking for reliable VPS Hosting.


  • The lowest priced plan includes 512 MB of RAM along with 5-GB transfer that is will not only offer the smooth functioning during normal circumstances but can also cushion the website against occasional fluctuations. It is especially designed for websites with increasing amount of traffic.
  • V3 Plan is ideal for the business that now has a regular viewership of sizeable amount and needs of the uniform experience to the users irrespective of regional differences. The GB is nearly doubled and so is the HDD at 1GB and 40 GB respectively a total of 700 GB transfer is another friendly feature offered under this plan.
  • Next in the line is V5 plan that provides 1500 GB transfers thus boosting the performance of your website?
  • If your clients mostly include on-the-go audience using mobile devices then you can go for V7 Plan to offer them instant speed with eh help of 4.5 GB ram and 3000 GB transfer. The storage is also increase significant at 140 GB,


Hostgator is a great name in the field of hosting that offers uncompromised features and comes with a wide array of packages that are wisely designed to offer a premium experience even without going through any complicated technical processes.


  • Even the lowest priced plan Sappy 2000 comes with guaranteed inclusion of 1.5 GB monthly data transfer that offers perfect solution for the intense fluctuations and high traffic instances. Its 2 GB RAM helps in boosting the site speed o meet the best standards.
  • Clients with more specific requirements cargo for the mid-tier Sappy 4000 packages that offer a further significance in the speed with 4GB of RAM and as much as 465 GB of storage so you will not be restricted by the lack of resources even during demanding times.
  • However, if you are an extreme popular blog an eCommerce with global clients then the resource requirements not only increase but you also need the instant allocation of resources as and when required. That is why the company offers you Snappy 800 plan that comes with a whopping 3 TB monthly data transfers and a premium speed guarantee 8 GB of RAM. Thus irrespective of the demand your website will seamlessly be supported during varying conditions


If you need some reliable provider with a feature packed VPS package having website crater and reliable customer service ten you can go for GoDaddy. To offers a good number of options for the clients and allows the o choose the specific plan the look for. The pricing is fair.


  • The Economy Plan is a great asset for small start-ups that are looking for a reliable yet low priced option to graduate from shared hosting plan to the next level. It comes with 1 GB memory and 40 GB storage that makes it future ready to store increasing data without encountering any restrictions. It also offers 1 GB memory and 3 dedicated IPS.
  • The Start-ups that want to enjoy more dependable feature but need cost efficient prices would love to go with Value plan that comes with 2GB more and offers 60GB of comfortable storage. The fast-growing bloggers and start-ups with high aspirations but modest capital would especially love this plan.
  • Then there is deluxe plan that is suitable for small businesses as well as medium enterprises. It comes with 4 GB of memory and 120GB of storage that relieves the clients from future needs of changing the plans even if the present requirements are increased.
  • The Ultimate plan is clearly aimed at medium and big enterprises. With a massive 8 GB of memory and 240 GB of storage that is exactly the double of deluxe plans; the ultimate plan perfectly justifies its name. For high-end online platforms like international ECommerce sites and popular blogs with global traffic the plan offers a high level of stability. The best thing about Go daddy’s VPS India Hosting plans is that all for them come with user friendly features irrespective of their prices.

If you are just gradated form shared hosting to vs. hosting then Blue host can be the best option the uptime guarantee, vast resources and a comfortable option menu makes it company registry an exponentially high growth.


  • The standard plan that is specifically designed for the first time users comes with 20 GB HDD that are much more than the general requirements for beginners while 200 GB transfer helps in stable performance during fluctuations.
  • Next in the line is Enhanced plan that offers 3 GB and 400 GB transfers so that even the resource hungry websites can be able to perform smoothly during fluctuations.
  • The aptly namely premium plan is targeted for fast-growing medium enterprises and come with 4.5 GB r along with 600 GB transfer.
  • If your website fully depends upon digital clients to earn the revenue like professional blogs, e-commerce site then you can go for Ultimate Plan that comes with 6 GB RAM and promises an enhanced performance with 8- GB transfer
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