How to make the best use of your 404 error page not found

404 error
404 error

How to make the best use of your 404 error page

When an audience visits your site and attempts to open a page that has been removed permanently or shifted to another location, an error message is displayed. Numerous different error codes exist but the one that is most widely preferred by the website owner is 404 error code that tells your audience that the page they are attempting to access could not be found. It indicates that the page might have been removed permanently or is moved to a new URL address.

While the website owners would be more than happy exhibiting their exquisite pages to their audience, no one would possibly like them to land at their 404 error pages. But regardless, it does happen. So, the best way is to make their 404-stay informative or at least interesting. Because as they say, a sad audience is not a good audience!

You need to rectify such errors without wasting time as they don’t communicate nice things about you and prove that the site is not being managed very well by the owner. While you cannot completely eliminate such possibility, you can ensure that when your audience lands on a 404 page, he should be able to find a quick assistance on what next to do.

Consider adding search box

You might not be able to figure out the precise objective of your audience who is seeing a 404 error page. However, generally speaking, he came to the page while finding something, and is most possibly annoyed that he has instead been diverted to this 404 page. Placing a search box can certainly help in the best way as it will invite the audience to enter the thing he was looking for and quickly being taken to the right place.

Add a Navigation process

Many times the audience might quickly hit a back button as soon as he finds himself on the 404 page. It is not a desirable thing especially if the client has landed there directly from the search results page. You get a minus point on a quick back-button hit plus you lose an audience, perhaps a potential client. You can avoid that by including a section on your site navigation. It helps your audience to continue browsing your site right from the point where they struck. That looks positive and mitigates irritation.

Give them a reason to smile

Another way to help your audience out of the frustration to offer him some fun That is why you may see some non-conventional quirky and hilarious messages on 404 pages of reputed websites and as you would confess, they do help in bringing a smile on your face. You can also add such quirky messages to your 404 page and invite your audience to smile or even giggle!

Exhibit innovative products/services

Another option for getting the bets out of your 404 page is to exhibit your best products/services on this page. Lucrative details along with an enticing image will attract the client’s attention in no time. As a human being, when we don’t feel alright, we would love to mitigate our annoyance by going for something regarding and that is why some people prefer to shop when they feel dejected, depressed or annoyed. Hence, though that should not be your main objective, you can actually give a productive vent to your audience annoyance and prompt them into buying your best products or services. However, the product you offer matters a lot. Look for the most innovative and appealing product/services and display it on your 404 page for the best response.

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