Best Iphone and Android Apps for 2018

Best Iphone and Android Apps for 2018

In the recent past, there has been a growing trend in the number of apps one can find on their mobile devices. It does not matter whether you own an iPhone or an Android mobile device. You can easily download your preferred app from Play Store or iTunes. Due to their large number, it takes a lot of time to identify the best app when browsing. To save you the trouble, we have listed below the best apps that you can find for your device in minutes. Most of these best apps cover different categories from browsers to antiviruses. Here are the best iPhone and Android apps for 2018:

This is a free app that has an excellent browser with a good user experience on both iPhone and Android mobile devices. It has excellent settings including an integrated ad-blocking and flash support.

This is a typical browser app that comes with a comprehensive settings package. It offers a lot in the form of plug-ins. (Android app   & Iphone app)

Opera Mini
This app is a limited version of the opera but operates well in low network areas. It has a user-friendly homepage and allows you to access Opera Web Apps. (Android app & Iphone app)

Pepper Plate Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner
This app gives you easy access to recipes on your device. It links up to other websites like Epicurious and Allrecipes to provide you with all types of recipes that you may require. (Android app & Iphone app)

This is a free app that gives you a rating and tasting notes on every brew that you record on it. It also features a beer drinker’s community that can help you make discoveries. (Android app & Iphone app)

This is a free mobile app that helps women to predict their menstrual cycle. It also features a calendar tool and reminders to help with your projections. (Android app & Iphone app)

Apart from projecting your menstrual cycle, this app gives you information about other factors that are related to your periods. It provides the opportunity to track both emotional and physical states related to your menses. (Android app)

This is a fitness app that can count steps and also login other activities to help you attain your daily fitness goals. It also has other social features that allow you to compete with your friends. (Android app & Iphone app)

My Asics Run coaching
Unlike most running iPhone and Android best apps, this app is free and features tailor made plans for different types of runs including the marathon. It can modify your plans based on your running data. (Android app & Iphone app)

This is an online app that keeps tabs on your finances. It has budgets that help you attain your financial goals including a bill paying feature. (Android app & Iphone app)

This app is designed to create to-do lists, shared lists, and grocery lists. It has a number of native apps and an interactive website that enables easy access to your lists. (Android app & Iphone app)

Adobe Photoshop Express
This is a powerful tool that works well with your snapshots. It allows you to make modifications and adjustments to your images and also allows sharing them. (Android app & Iphone app)

Autodesk Pixlr
This is a photo editor that is useful in creating mosaics of pictures. It also features a number of effects and adjustments that are quite artistic in nature. (Android app & Iphone app)

This is an app that can offer you free photo storage. It has about a terabyte of free storage capacity including video and photo shooting tools for your mobile device. (Android app & Iphone app)

Google Photos
This app can link you up with Google’s vast capacity to avail photos on your phone. It can identify different types of faces and images and features editing tools as well as access to cloud storage. (Android app & Iphone app)

This is a popular iPhone and Android app that features not only videos but also direct messaging and advanced photo editing capabilities. It has a simple interface and is regarded as the king in the social photos business. (Android app & Iphone app)

PicsArt Photo Studio
This is a free photo editing app that features numerous effects, drawing tools, control over layers and collages. It is not an Instagram look-alike but a real genuine photo editing app for mobile devices. (Android app & Iphone app)

This is also a photo editing app that lies in between an image editor and a filter app. It gives you the benefit of using filters and effects on your images. (Android app & Iphone app)

Calibre Companion
This is an eBook management app that enables you to add any book from the computer to your device through Wi-Fi or USB. It also allows you to store books on cloud easily. (Android app & Iphone app)

This app is regarded as the best when it comes to the reading of news. It enables one to easily browse podcasts, videos, articles and all kinds of media that are of interest. (Android app & Iphone app)

This is an official Amazon app that allows you easy access to all your eBook purchases. It is also able to synchronize your bookmarks and notes within a short period. (Android app & Iphone app)

This app allows you to gain access to eBooks from your local library. You can also use it to download titles and place some hold on titles that are not yet available. (Android app & Iphone app)

This app helps you to save your images, articles, and videos for later reading. It can reformat your content to suit your mobile device. (Android app & Iphone app)

This app can generate, save and replay login details whenever you need them. It is a cross-platform service that is smart and one that secures your payment details, passwords, and important information in your mobile device. (Android app & Iphone app)

Net Nanny
This parental control app, which is found in both iPhone and Android mobile devices ensures that kids have access to smartphones but at the same time, minimizes the risks associated with internet abuse. (Android app & Iphone app)

Norton Family Parental Control
This app has superior parental control features because it can offer services such as text blocks, Web filtering, location tracking, and app management for mobile devices. (Android app & Iphone app)

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