Google Pixel Phone – Specs, Key Features, Price, Usability Etc

Google Pixel Specs

Google Pixel Phone – Specs, Features, Price, Usability Etc

 There are a number of phones being introduced on a regular basis and most of the times it seems that many models are more or less the replica of their competitors with a few aesthetic changes. It is only once in a blue moon that you can see some model with strong technical and aesthetic renovation. Many models do look best but their performance is average at the best well the others are technically great but their looks disappoint. A few phones that are great looking and technologically innovative cost astronomical sums. But then there is the way. Google, the search giant and minimalist lover has introduced its great phone Google pixel. Blending the aesthetic and technological evolution and offered at a price that at least does not touch the sky, the phone is already becoming a great hit among the people of different age groups and professions. Let us know further abbot the Google pixel and how it can be a great addition to your mobile world.

About Google Pixel: Google pixel comes with the brand legacy and the quality to match. Powered by ultimate OS Android Nougat 7.0, it is among the most agreeable mobile models the money can buy. It may be a bit of exaggeration to call it the ultimate model but then no one has ever able to create the one.

Design: The Google Pixel has a smooth and chic design blending different elements of attractive aesthetics. In fact towards the end of this year, it is believed that the Google will be introducing foldable models, taking mobility to the next level. The camera is doubt the highlight of this phone and promises awesome shots by perfect resolution and fine look.

Usability: The phone also enjoys the pioneer position to have a built-in Google voice search feature Google Assistant. As for the design the Google Pixel can give a tough competition to Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Camera: Quick shots, superb color quality, detailed close and perfect resolution is what makes its camera a top name among the contenders. Even the distance of objects does not deter the camera to offer details and refined touch.

Google Assistant: Google Assistant is another great built in feature for Pixel. It allows you to search thoroughly, suggest places to visit, eat or any other specific purposes and what’s more it can also suggest you more queries depending upon your present queries. That’s what you can expect from an AI bot (artificial intelligence)

Messenger: You can also have the messenger service Allow that is the Google’s one of its kind and takes the experience t another level. You will also get Duo, and video calling app built-in, from google.

You can also enjoy greater usability by getting additional menu upon pressing the apps a bit longer.

The superb nightlight setting offers an eye friendly resolution to match the environment and light. The security is taken to the next level by introducing fingerprint reader at the back that worked pretty fast and is more secured than sliding.

Price: Google Pixel comes with a quality assurance and you cannot expect it to come cheap but the prices that are associated with Google pixel are quite reasonable and the features, quality and usability of the phone perfectly justify the price. You can actually enjoy not only the brand legacy and the lifestyle statement associated with Google products but can also take the usability to the next level b  the AI bot.

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