Top15 Social Media sites for 2017

15 Social Media sites that will rule the internet in 2017

As the seasoned netizens would remember there was a time when Orkut was poised to get immense popularity. However, later on the things went awry: Right from very basic privacy setting to irritant ads. Eventually it failed. Around that time another star rose in online sky, Facebook. It not only lived (and still lives with full vigor) but also heralded the starting of a new age: Social Media in its most appropriate format. Since then there have been a number of social sites aimed at encouraging and facilitating user interaction. Let us know about 15 most promising and popular best social sites based on their profile, objective and reach:

  1. Twitter: It is the simplicity of twitter and the briefness it offers that makes it one of the most popular social sites in entire world. The site works fine for users on the go. You just need to read a total of 140 characters: short and sweet. So, there aren’t convoluted sentences or king-size blogs presented as “posts”. This word limitation also curbs the use of expletives or cuss words that are becoming so popular on social sites. Besides it has an easy and clean interface and setting an account takes less than 3 minutes. Being the most preferred social handle of celebrities and politicians is the biggest plus point of twitter.
  2. Facebook: It would not be an exaggeration to say that the real “social media” in its authentic form was started by facebook. What was seen as a platform for youth and a great “time-spoiler” soon became a tool for communicating with your international relatives and sharing your latest updates. Later on the corporate world also started taking active interest to lure such a huge number of potential clients. People also started supporting various causes and taking active part in online discussion about various pertinent issues of national/international concern.  The best thing about Facebook is that it offers the all-round entertainment to the users where they can post updates, share picture, invite friends, like or comment and join a group. It’s just like a mini-planet for them in digital universe.
  3. LinkedIn: Though there were several options for social networking on internet for netizens, the things were still meddled up. There was a clear dearth of mainstream option for those who were looking for making professional connections online. Twitter was too brief while facebook was too loud and vivid to offer a perfect ambiance for corporate connections. The gap was filled by LinkedIn that offered a perfect interface for uploading your CV in a detailed format, connecting with professionals and companies, searching jobs, finding employees and posting your updates. Right from the beginning a balanced, corporate appeal was maintained to ensure clutter free, polite ambiance. Till today, it is the most trusted professional network around the world.
  4. Tumblr: Tumblr offers quite a different approach for the companies and individuals. One of the major requirements in today’s online world is to keep on updating new content and adding blogs. Ironically enough, one also needs to check the quality and SEO optimization of blogs, alignment, and proper use of Headings etc. So Tumblr allows the companies to write small, to-the-point blogs and give them a polished look with the use of multimedia like videos and images. Apart from quick blogs it is also used for spreading viral content.
  5. Pinterest: A picture is equal to thousand words. Perhaps Pinterest was created keeping this famous quote in mind. Its interface makes it easier to share pictures supported by a little content. Due to its ambiance, it received a warm welcome by artisans and Craft lovers. As the pictures can also be saved or duplicate, it has also become the ideal social for inspiring people.
  6. Buddyzer: It is the social site aimed at revolutionizing interpersonal communication. It majorly focuses on long range communication and allows a person to share his thoughts and updates in multiple media formats like photographs, recordings and redesigns to the entire world in a distinct style. It aims at connecting broad societies. In fact while most of the social networking sites are aimed at connecting individuals, the Buddyzer is aimed at connecting different societies and beautifully blending different cultures. It may not be an exaggeration that it could be the best phase of Facebook, working silently yet beautifully
  7. YouTube: Right from the beginning human mind is partial towards moving and speaking images. YouTube makes it more interactive. A huge number of videos can be downloaded and shared on YouTube. Besides, it allows people to become a “small-time celebrity” by making their own video and making it viral. In fact, there are many channels and short movies that are especially produced for YouTube. Hence the users can even dream of becoming a full-time celebrity just by uploading their videos on YouTube! Besides, it also allows people to monetize their videos.
  8. Instagram: Showing your photos to friend and family is one of the favorite pastimes of people for a long time even before Facebook came into being. So netizens needed a dedicated online platform for the same. Their prayers yielded results and Instagram were finally introduced. Here you cannot only post your latest photos but can also share it through multiple social sites. You can also edit a photo and invite friends to like.
  9. Google+: It started with a relatively cold reception. The people already had Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. So, they already had everything on their platter. But then Google+ adopted proactive approach and introduced revolutionary measures to incorporate best features of Facebook and Twitter. Besides, it also took the benefit of Gmail. Every Gmail users can see the latest updates of Google+ on the top. Apart from easy setup it also allows you to make different circles of people without actually disturbing them.
  10. Whatsapp: It was the simplicity of Whatsapp that made it dear to all. While facebook was being used by many people, there were some old fellows who would wonder if a similar thing was possible with their phone. It was then that Whatsapp was introduced. Being a mobile app and allowing users to use the simple interface, the Whatsapp soon became popular. Needless to say, being free also helped it a lot. Youngsters loved its efficiency and speed while older generations became fan of its simplicity.
  11. Meetup: Though the social media sites of different types were introduced, there was still a concern that was not answered. People thought that the social sites are affecting personal relations as people preferred to connect through social sites rather than meeting physically. During the time the Meetup was introduced. It allows a person to schedule a local meetup generally in nearby location.
  12. It presents itself as the largest social media site of Europe. However, in essentiality it is the Russianised Facebook! Right from the simplicity till aspects like post sharing, messaging and profile the site is not much different from Facebook. However, as it promotes itself exclusively in Europe, the site has successfully attracted the loyalty of European audience. Many organizations and businesses are also associated with it.
  13. Twoo: This site is majorly aimed at young population and most of its users are 25 or less than that. Apart from high quality online games, it also offers photo sharing, posts and updates. Being geared towards such a young crowd has its own benefits. It explains why Twoo is becoming popularized at such fast speed.
  14. Snapchat: This app allows a person to add some more creativity to socialization. You can actually take a photo and add a creative artwork. You may also add a small sweet text if you like. Sharing is quite easy. The best thing is that after sometime the picture will automatically be deleted from user’s phone as well as company’s servers. It is one of the best ways to connect with friends.
  15. Xing: One of the best ways to stay ahead in a business is to check the lacks of your competitors and fill in the blanks appropriately. That’s exactly what Xing is doing. Though the first outlook would give an impression that it is a job portal, later on various other aspects would also be revealed. Apart from connecting with corporate leaders, it is the best site to connect with potential employees and employers.

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