Mobile app trends in 2018

Technologies defining the Mobile app trends in 2018

Mobile app trends are prone to change, based on the user activity. With an exponential number of mobile apps growing, the competition in the app development market is getting fierce every passing day. Innovation has become imperative for companies to make their way into the smartphones of the consumers.

The year 2018 is expected to become a benchmark year for the mobile app industry. With reports predicting over 268 billion downloads through the year, the industry is expected to generate over $77 billion-dollar worth revenue. If the actual scenario comes anywhere closer to this figure, it will shape up the app industry’s future for years to come.

Here are the top industry trends that may rule the mobile app industry in the coming year.

  • Virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence will gain momentum

Taking your mobile gaming experience to a whole new level the virtual reality concept has already crept in the lives of mobile game lovers. The Artificial reality, on the other hand, is gaining its pace slowly. With giants like Facebook, Google, and IBM looking forward to taking it up a notch, you might just see some great surprises this year.

  • Expect to see more evolvement in Location Based services (LBS)

If you thought that the ease of using GPS and other location-based services is in their prime, you’re highly mistaken. Expect to see a lot more development in the way you comprehend the LBS services. From location-specific payment portals to indoor mapping, these services are set to evolve more than you imagined. LBS is going to play a huge role in the tourism industry, retail offers, enhanced security features etc.

  • Security features to be more important than ever

Customers are getting more and more aware about their smartphone security features and therefore, the year 2018 will see enhanced security features embedded in apps itself. The user data and its sensitivity are now prioritized by app developers and the built- in app security features will make a huge difference in the sales of the apps.

  • Steep rise of Cloud drive mobile apps

Cloud apps are already making their way into smartphones of the users. With customers looking to use less of their internal memory and enjoying the ease of fetching the data directly from the cloud, a steep rise in advanced cloud apps is expected in the year 2018. Going as per the Cisco research, by 2019 cloud data will drive over 90% of the mobile traffic, and GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and DropBox are just the tip of the icebergs.

  • Get ready for Internet of Things (IoT) wave

With growing consumer love for connecting as many devices with the internet as possible, IoT already has a lot of potential in the market. Now with data analytics as a key ingredient, the IoT boom is going to make waves in the year 2018. With most of the giants in the fields of education, healthcare, smart homes, and security integrating IoT advancements to their applications; communication, access, and sharing of data will get easier and more efficient.

  • Welcome the age of Android Instant apps

Google took the market by storm by announcing the Android Instant apps that allow you to download/ install and run instantly with just a single tap. Who wouldn’t want an app that needs no downloading or installation wait time, and can run instantly with a click? The best part is that there is no need for your phone to store it, which means no added use of memory space. With Google, already on it, expect many more insightful features for enhanced user experience.

No matter the advancements or the breakthroughs, seamless user experience will always be the key to the success of an app. The entire gamut of design, user experience, images, audio, video, and every single feature that enhances the overall look and functionality of the app will be crucial for its success, especially in 2018.

Let’s raise a toast to the era of groundbreaking mobile apps making their way to the flourishing market of 2018.

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