Top 10 best Sim Cards in India 2018 | About Indian Sim Networks

Top 10 best Sim Cards in India 2018 & About Sim Networks

“Everything you wanted to know about Sim cards and Indian Mobile Carriers”

Mobile phone can be counted among the most revolutionary gifts of the last century that has changed our very lifestyle. In fact it has become an inseparable part of our lives. We are very much concerned about the looks, features and design of the phone. But have you ever thought of the small sim card that makes it really work? You take the sim card out of your mobile phone and it will become useless. Similarly if the sim card is there and the network connectivity is absent, the phone will lose its very meaning. So, it is only fair to take a little time and know about some interesting things about the sim card and the best network carriers:

Who invented the SIM card?
Great question but first question should be what the full form of SIM card is. Yes, it is not a word but an abbreviation. The complete name is Subscriber Identity Module or Subscriber Identification Module. A reputed smart card maker of Munich Giesecke & Devrient is credited with inventing the very first sim card in the year 1991. The first wireless network to purchase the sim cards was Radiolinja, a Finnish wireless network operator. It purchased 300 Sim cards from Giesecke & Devrient

How much is a SIM card in India?
A prepaid sim card starts for Rs.0 (Free) and can go up to 200. However in many of the modern sim cards the call rate is already included that makes them a great buy.

 How does a SIM card work?
A Sim card has a circuit on its body that is identified by its ICC-ID or Integrated circuit card identifier. The carrier also identifies the sim card with its IMSI or International mobile subscriber identity. Think of them as your passport number that tells the immigration about your vital information and also that you are eligible to travel in a specific country. In the same the carrier knows that your phone is eligible to use its network by identifying ICC-ID and IMSI. It also tells it that the services will be charged as per the carrier’s charges

 What is a SIM only?

The sim only deal offers you all the normal deliverable and its package includes texts, talk time minutes and mobile data available at monthly cost. It isn’t very different from Mobile Phone contract. As the name suggests you will get only a sim and not the handset.

Now after knowing al this, you possibly like to know the top 10 network carriers of India. Here’s we go:


At one point of time Vodafone was regarded as a substandard mobile carrier and was struggling to attract the people. However with time the things have changed for better and the networks has improved a lot. Especially its zipping 3G speed is really impressive. However, the network carrier seems to concentrate only on the urban, high-class consumers and that has resulted in a poor coverage in rural areas.


  • Zipping Internet Speed
  • Reliable Stability and coverage
  • Steady 4G Services
  • Appreciable customer care


  • Not suitable for rural areas
  • Doesn’t provide country wide coverage
  • Not all regions get good call connectivity
  • Concentrates on classes

Reliance Jio

Reliable Jio Infocomm is one of the most reliable 4G services for the consumers across the country. It has proven itself to be a huge success. The free voice calls is the best feature. In fact it is the revolutionary features in Indian telecom history. However the company has started charging some amount of late. Besides it also offers 4G services, unlimited night data and a number of Join apps.


  • Revolutionary model of 0 call charges
  • Reliable 4G Sped
  • Free Apps


  • Voice quality below average
  • Call drops
  • Connectivity is not stable



The nationwide coverage, consistent connectivity and a huge number of mobile towers even in the rural areas has made BSNL the most preferred cell phone carrier of the country. However, its network is fine for the basic services only. The internet service does not offer a reliable quality or connectivity. However, the prices are not too high either and one can enjoy both 2G and 3G at the same tariffs.

The USP of BSNL is competitive tariffs and wide coverage. But rely on it only for the basic communication services only. It isn’t ideal network to use for internet services.


  • Widest Network availability
  • Cheap Internet services
  • Frequent consumer friendly offers
  • Availability of 3G and 2G at same price and cost


  • very slow internet speed
  • Call and connectivity problems
  • Customer care not up to the mark

Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular offers you the reliable coverage in urban as well as rural areas but call drops is a major issue. The service is also not reliable while you are travelling. The internet though good and quite speedy, is expensive. However unlike many other networks it has a reliable customer services. For rural coverage it is the best network.



  • It is reliable in urban areas
  • Offers speedy internet
  • Has most dependable customer support


  • Call drops
  • Does have issues while travelling
  • High tariffs for internet


Airtel is arguably the most reliable cellular network of India. Whether you use it at home or outside or even while travelling to the other city, its steady network will never disappoint you. The solid coverage and clear voice quality will further enhance the experience. Airtel is a bit more expensive than other networks but its connectivity and voice quality is distinctly better than its counterparts. It also keeps on offering reliable services to for the further convenience of the users like My plan, Airtel Money and Airtel Bank, the airtel app that is a payments bank account offering 7.25% interest rate. Acquisition of Telenor services is another milestone by Airtel. It has allowed the telecom giant to expand its presence in 7 circles and reaching as many as 55 million customers. It will also allow it to drop down its internet and call tariffs.


  • In terms of connectivity, reliability and coverage Airtel is No.2 network in India, next only to BSNL.
  • 4G Services
  • Better Voice quality
  • Solid Coverage and steady connectivity
  • Nice client services


  • More expensive than other networks
  • 3G Net Speed cannot said to be the quickest


Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo is the result of Indian Tata blending with Japanese Docomo. It offers great services for the users. Internet speed won’t disappoint you either However, its major limitation is being limited to urban areas only. You cannot rely on it if you go t the rural area. Even in suburban areas or while travelling there, it will stop working.


  • Affordable internet tariffs
  • Excellent network in urban areas
  • Frequent offers
  • Great internet speed


  • Very poor rural coverage
  • Many regions do not get stable signals
  • Cannot be used while travelling


Though not having the all India presence, Aircel has actually taken the benefit o its low coverage. It has kept it largely free from congestion that prevents big networks from offering the quality services and connectivity. The same has allowed it to offer the excellent customer services. The 3G and 4G internet has a speed that will leave everyone happy. The charges are also reasonable. Besides it has a loyal following of users. Though recognized as the top cellular networks of India, its limited availability has prevented it from getting popularity on India level.


  • Great speed
  • Reasonable prices for 3G ad 4G
  • Reliable connectivity and networks
  • Dependable customer support


  • Serve to limited region only (South and East)


Reliance started with CDMA and later introduced GSM to compete with the peers. It offers great data plans for 2G and 3G that clearly focuses masses but are equally attractive for classes too who consume voluminous data on the internet. However the voice quality leaves you disappointed and there are instances of call drops.

It is a great network for internet I you are not intending t use very heavy websites like media sites. Low pricing makes it a great option.


  • Low internet pricing
  • 4G prices are affordable
  • Connectivity and customer services are great
  • Many complimentary services includes,


  • Rural coverage is not great
  • Voice quality can become very low at times
  • Network issues


MTNL is another service provider that is having its headquarters at Delhi. It offers services to Mumbai and Delhi but the intense and heavy competition is affecting its revenue and client base. The company offers broadband internet and 3G services for the clients. Apart from India it also operates in Mauritius with the name of Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited) MTML)


  • Charges are reasonable


  • Very limited geographical coverage
  • Services are below average


MTS or Mobile Telesystems is into the field of offering reliable broadband internet service data services and messaging in India. Apart from that it also offers a dependable service for connecting with each other. However the company is more trusted for its excellent data services.


  • Great Customer support
  • High Internet Speed
  • Better connectivity


  • Charges are a bit high


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